Primus Societas - LF New Members

Hey there, I’ve been lookig at your advert and found what you do to be quite interesting… I would like to talk to you about a possible merge of our corps…

A little on me: I’m a diplomat for Everything for Efficiency, a Sov Nullsec corp that specializes in mining, industry and PVP… our corp has a real life comes first approach and no mandatory schedules. We have R64 moons and our own industry related facilities; we also host ppl from America / EU and OCE TZ and are looking for new people and opportunities. We also go for small gang PvP and PvE activities.

If this is something that interests you and would like to talk further you can add me ingame or via discord: Captain Sargen (Discord: Sargen#1266)

Hope to hear from you!

And so the passive recruitment through the forums continues.


! saw the advertisement, looks interesting .

2 things would possibly seal the deal:

  • Ops near metropolis

  • People on during prime time of 0000 - 0700 game time

Are bump machariels still a thing? Cuz I’ve not seen one in quite a while. Anyway, I imagine this thread got machariel-bumped on top. Wheeeee

Casual and real life comes first.

It’s monday, only 4 more days until the weekend :beers:

I find it hard to get applicants. Then I go on a hiatus for several days and I get them… ofcourse.

But, on it again. With a fresh mindset no less.

So apply and I’ll reply within 24h.

Ah good, the ship spinner is still there… No forshadowing ofcourse. We got stuff to do, places to go. And all that could be done with you!

I’ll just drop this little here reply to myself and get to making some ISK one way or another. Come join.

The content we currently offer would be most suitable for new and inexperienced players. If you happen to be a bitter vet maybe returning from a brake and want to be part of getting a corp off the ground we also have a place for you.

Going places, slowly but surely.

Come join, we’re growing!

Join in our epic tale of… uh… bravery and sacrifice… honor! yes honor. As we take New Eden by the sheer might of our will alone! … Well thats the plan atleast. And we can use some outstanding capsuleers such as yourself. So why not sign up!

Have a. Discord?

Yes we have a. Discord

and b. We’re still open to new people joining.

Questions? Just mail me ingame.

Have a good day.

Always looking for new blood to join our ranks. Please join or mail me if you have any questions.

New members wanted. Please apply and we’ll get back to you asap.

It’s good to know we’re getting there members wise. But we could use some more of you. So if you’re looking for a corporation to join apply and I’ll get back to you usually within 24h. If you have questions you can send them to me ingame and I’ll get back to you within the same timeframe.

Fly save!

It appears a russian dude or dudette applied today… withdrew some time later before I could respond.

I’ll just use this as an oppertunity to communicate to any prospect applicants that the main language in our corporation is English. The spoken and written word. If you can’t… well… it’s going to get difficult.

So any english speaking/writing/reading capsuleers out there can apply. And I’ll get back to you asap.

I got to bump this thread up!

So guys, we’re still open to new recruits. If they keep trickling in as they are now though it will be put on hold a bit. But you can still apply if you are interested right now.