Prison Camp

Yea it won’t be coming to TQ but It would be interesting if something like this happens… instead of straight up banning, make them mine rocks that are totally useless, or some other task that they cannot use a bot or anything else with… or go with being banned from the game.


Well it being china i am not suprised, they have them in RL so why not in game…

And then they can bot themselves out of the prison.




No. No it wouldn’t.

It’s an astonishingly stupid idea. For NA players at least. I can’t speak for Asian gamers, but no one that currently plays EVE not in China is going to waste their money subbing in to play prison inmate. They’ll just find another game to play.

How people could even come with such a dumb idea, let alone be working for a company that wouldn’t immediately fire them as a waste of an employee slot, is beyond me.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

i think its not a bad idea
this “bann the player and all his accounts” didnt work out that well mybethis works better


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Yeah, and if CCP bans their accounts, they of course will keep subbing…

“Reeducation is like removing weeds. One can not just remove them one by one, but must apply pesticide to the entire crop. Likewise, reeducation can not be done just to errant individuals, but must be applied to an entire community.”
-Chairman Sheng Ji Yang

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So what’s the problem? They do something illegal, and either get banned or mine ■■■■. If they leave the game, good.

I think they will be checked for botting and then their stay in camp lengthened if they bot.
Esentially botting themselves into infinite camp stay.


Why doesn’t bans on a player and account work?

Because a savvy player will find ways around it.
If a savvy player can circumvent banishment, then the same player could use the same ways to continue to play normally.

–Gadget avoids the Gulag

Simple rip them off from all their wallet and assets, do again, do again, then they rage quit xD

The funny thing is that several organisations on Serenity at various points had their own precursor to this thing. If you screwed up, were rude or didn’t pay the out of game “tax” you’d get sanctioned. In other words, restricted to a specific area for a specific purpose.

Which, obviously, was an open invitation for account sharing and botting. Nobody likes getting sanctioned, ergo.

If CCP indeed were to take a variation on that road, that would be utterly hilariously emberassing. It’s akin to penalising a junkie with an additional incentive to cocaine use.

I dont think that camp will go without confiscating all belongings, blocking contracts, wallet use, PLEX use, extractor use, warping out from camp and biomassing. Only way I think they would make it is to give only opportunity to mine useless rocks and nothing else untill the penalty is gone, in complete isolation, of course they could just extend the penalty if they try to use cheats.

I think people would still have an option to stop playing or make another account, if they dont care about their character and skills…

Some will just drop and swap, absolutely. But we’re talking about a feature in a very different commercial, cultural and political setting. There’s a bit of perverse stimulus as well. Keep in mind, this would take place in the country where they came up with something worse than 1984, things like the social credit system to determine value and purpose of each and every individual. For some getting sanctioned in a visible manner is a bad thing, for many more others it’s an identification marker of being bad and thus awesome or at least part of a special subculture - where the sanction is easily carried through further breaking of rules in ways that are such an intrinsic race between the proverbial bullet and the armour that CCP’s publisher can’t effectively follow up on.

Or worse, do as the previous publisher did, and suddenly see GM’s making something on the side and bad players getting sanctions lifted with and without discrete approval of higher-up. It is China.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea itself is interesting. The concept is almost funny. In principle it fits lore, mythos and immersion. But it is not a solution, it is marketing which carries a high potential for perverse stimuli. One thing - for example - that would have to go with something like this in China is permanent negative markers post-sanction, like the inability to sell the affected character.

I vaguely recall from Reddit that there was a lawsuit and the outcome was that in China you cannot ban paying customers, or somesuch.

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