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Online games in China will now be banned from giving players rewards if they log in every day, if they spend on the game for the first time or if they spend several times on the game consecutively. Its viewed as a predatory tactic to incentivize people to spend more money.

What’s everyone’s opinion on this? Do you think other countries will follow suit? Do you think this will effect EVE?

Countries that care about the health of their citizens will and capitalist countries won’t.

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You missed the really good part of the regulation:


Would seem making low/nulsec the “official” pvp area and turn off safety red in highsec would meet the basic requirements for that?

Either that or games stop making servers in China and make it so chinese players can’t play on games.

No. “Forced” PvP can happen anywhere. Null-sec isn’t an arena or a team-deathmatch environment. Under this regulation, the basic rules of the game related to aggression mechanics would have to be rewritten. The simplest solution is a “PvP toggle,” a contentious/controversial game mechanic at the core of discussions surrounding most, if not all, “forced” PvP games. Any open-world survival FPS game (e.g. Rust and DayZ) would need to be modified in the same manner, effectively turning “PvE servers” into the only allowable option. This isn’t a huge deal in China because survival games weren’t super-popular there in the first place (although PUBG and its ripoffs were for a period of time).

The “Infinity” Chinese EVE shard already largely operates by these principles.

This is already the case. Chinese citizens aren’t legally allowed to play on foreign servers, and are forced to tunnel through if they want to. This is unlikely to change. Legally-allowed foreign games are forced to undergo modifications, and foreign gaming companies are forced to take on a local Chinese “partners” (i.e. companies that basically steal the IP) to modify and administer those games locally. NetEase administers the two Chinese EVE shards.

Wasn’t the Great Firewall supposed to stop Chinese nationals playing on international servers?

I don’t see how China can pass a law that needs to be followed by an Icelandic company with servers in the UK. It would only apply on servers based in China and it would be up to the Chinese government to prevent their citizens accessing that content.

China has their own dedicated EVE server and it’s basically one huge blue doughnut since PIBC “won” eve.

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If they see anything as a problem, they can simply pressure the company by making it difficult to do business there, or just straight-up kick it out and give their IP to the local “partners” without any legal recourse.

They are unlikely to do something like this to CCP though just because CCP chooses to continue running their out-of-China servers with the full-on PvP mode intact. But they could. Companies have been “kicked out” before and lost their IPs locally in China without being able to do anything about it (WoW is a good recent example).

Actually, it happened more than once with WoW. A very long time ago, the Chinese government got upset with there being zombies/skeletons in the game (it’s a cultural thing) and created dissent on social media, causing Blizzard to nearly get ejected. I believe the matter was settled quietly with Blizzard paying some “fines” to the local hard-working Central Committee officials.

The massive Chinese alliance on the current server is not from China? I could have sworn we have a massive Chinese alliance on the standard server we all play on lol

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China ripping off IP is simply standard practice across a wide range of industries, not just games.

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We do. Fraternity is largely made up of players who weren’t aligned with PIBC and who got steamrolled off Serenity.

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So it is possible the good CCP will save the carebears in the end by persuading the bad CCP to get rid of the griefing gankers and other non-consensual forms of PvP interaction? :thinking: :popcorn:

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It’s a very low possibility, because the only way that could be set off is if a Chinese player loses something “of tangible real-world value” on TQ and decides to pursue a civil action that leads to a diplomatic/economic row that turns CCP/PA into political targets. But that in itself is highly unlikely because the only way for a Chinese citizen to pursue this would be to admit that they tunneled out to play the game in the first place, which would likely be an off-the-books execution as consumer VPNs are very much illegal there.

Another possibility is that China straight-up tells all foreign software companies that they need to apply Chinese government rules across the board to all of their domestic products too. This is something they technically already do (though it’s not enforced), but could be something that happens in the case of a military confrontation between China and Taiwan/US for example. It applies to Chinese companies doing business in foreign territories by default (Tencent is a good example of this—the Epic launcher is basically CCP spyware).


I’m going to assume that they play on a different server because of various other laws in mainland China.

Praise China Capsuleers.

Bloons TD6 has rewards for logging in and i dont seem to mind
But rewards for logging in to EVE Online rubs me the wrong way

The first hit is free…

Play chess.

There’s no such thing as a ‘forced PvP’ game. Unless you are forced to play a game of chess, you consent to player vs player the minute you start a game. It is no different with any other player vs player game…and that includes Eve Online.

If people don’t want PvP…the answer is VERY simple. Don’t play a PvP game !

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That makes all sorts of sense.
Me, I’m just here for the PvE, which I understand EvE to have a bit of. When someone comes by to blow me up I will passively let him have his “fun” and then move on like nothing happened. I understand the PvP is the main stay of this game but there’s just something about PvE in a cheap ship that attracts me to it.

Sure, but you’re not going to be able to convince the 76-year-olds writing the laws of this concept. Just like you wouldn’t be able to, for example, convince 76-year-olds 50 years ago that listening to rock music wouldn’t make kids worship the devil. People are going to have these perspectives, and there’s nothing you can do to change that using logic and the power of persuasion. You have to treat the argument as a political battle and marginalize/outvote the opponents to suppress their stance through political force. And unfortunately you won’t be able to accomplish this today because the odds are something like 10:1 against you. But then again there were periods of time when the odds were 10:1 against you if you didn’t want black people to be slaves or wanted women to be able to vote, so things might change in the future, like when the older generations die off, and the people who grew up with video games from the moment they were born are in power.