Execute Order 17

I knew about this one for a bit, but wanted to save it for this, the holiest of December days, as a sort of “gift” for the community. A little morsel of joy to whet your appetite before you open up all those boxes that Santa brought you, and partake in your feast of Christmas ham and advent calendar chocolates with your folks.

China, the world’s trailblazing pioneer of interactive digital entertainment legislation, is litmus-testing yet another set of regulations aimed at video games. There are many interesting components to the floated bill, such as forbidding daily login rewards, but one stands out as it particularly relates to us.

Section 17 forbids any forced PvP in online video games. This means any PvP in an open setting, such as that of EVE, WoW, or basically any multiplayer survival game. This obviously wouldn’t apply to PvP in games like LoL or Counter-Strike, where it’s effectively the sole focus of the game, with players consenting to take part in match-made contests of skill with other players. But doing something like blowing up a mining barge in a 0.9 system in EVE? It’s reeducation camp time for you, buddy. That’s tongue-in-cheek of course, as the regulations would be enforced at the developer level and not aimed at individual gamers. Basically, turn that PvP damage off.

It’s important to note that these regulations aren’t a law, yet. However, as is often the case, they’re effectively guaranteed to become law in some form once announced in this manner.

It’s also important to note that Western companies doing business in China are obligated to abide by certain (most) local regulations. Now, this isn’t to say that CCP will be changing EVE Online any time soon. We’re on a separate server, and it’s unlikely that the CCP cares what the (ahem, other) CCP does with its domestic products. What matters, however, is that China is effectively putting this conversation on the map, and unlike our CCP, their CCP has a lot of pull on the international stage. I hardly doubt that Western governments won’t be having a similar discourse within a few years, or that this won’t shift game design methodology in a certain direction on a macro scale. China is a very big and lucrative market for video games, it’s easier for companies to have a single version of games to manage, and not everyone wants to license their IPs out to local handlers.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


You consent when you undock


CCP are such control freaks that they want to extend the state’s monopoly on voilence to video games. Psychotic.

Also sounds like a ploy to legitimize the theft of IPs.

If a member of the collective west says anything bad about China, 99.9% of the time they’re repeating talking points straight from the U.S. state department.

Just ignore it and move on with your life knowing state propaganda will not fool you.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Yah, don’t let the state department brainwash you with CIA mindcontrol.


FYI to all, this was originally reported by a Chinese news source.

My intent with the thread OP is only to present the news to the community, and not advocate for any particular viewpoints.

In reality you could never apply this to Eve, because something like mining in Eve is not an independent stand alone activity. Rather, Eve is a giant pyramid, the very apex of which is pew pew of one form or another. That is the entire basis of all mining, hauling, trading, etc.

Thus a miner is part of this pyramid of activity…whether they like it or not. For a miner or hauler to assert that are not involved in any way in all the pew pew would be on par with an arms dealer claiming they are not involved in war. You cannot mine and haul the very materials that go to make up the war machine and then adopt a ’ nothing to do with me ’ stance.

Thus mining and hauling are PvP. If you mine the very materials that make a Catalyst, you are responsible for that Catalyst even existing. It would not exist, but for your mining. And when it comes and blows you up…you consented to that process by being the very start of the Eve food chain.

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Forced is a word, a word with various meanings.

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Thanks Commander beat anything.


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Thank goodness this wont impact the vast majority of the west anytime soon.

If you spend $10,000 on PLEX then that is your problem. I consider myself to be way smarter than the average credit card warrior who buys a marauder with not the slightest clue on how to fit it.

This feels like government overreach.

Welcome to [insert super left wing country].


Doesn’t it? Is it just a feeling?


I tore that kitty-playtime card up remember!

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Yeah i don’t think most companies care, especially not ones that don’t even really operate there, just means they get less games to play

If it goes into effect, devs will just end up making a solo play / co-op play / play vs. bots mode (whichever works best for their setup), and then splash a “By entering this portion of the game you consent to PvP anywhere anytime” dialog box on the main game.

Adding that will just be the cost of doing business in China, no biggie. Some games might even be improved by it.

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You know, CCP has a very effective counter to this.

They will stop marketing to the Chinese and block all Chinese IP addresses.

You don’t have to do business with them if you don’t want to.

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Sure. Who want’s a piece of a billion plus Chinese citizens disposable income anyway?

Put another way. They have more gamers than the U.S. has people.

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