Would You like To Play A Game?

Let’s play a game, I notice the ISD here are pretty much hardcore censorship the message boards here. The game I purpose. Say something you hate about eve but talk about it as if you love it. I am sure CCP will never catch on… don’t rant and remember positive feedback is all CCP wants to hear…

Ok I will start

I love PI, I love the fact I can’t buy seeded resources anymore and have to pay 10 times more or make my own… best feature ever…

I love quantum cores, I want to give the structure gankers 800,000,000 isk for logging on 12 mule accounts. and shooting at an object that can’t fight back. This gameplay is Amazin!


I love the people posting in this thread.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I love the CSM. I love the democratic process by which the members are selected. I love the way CCP doesn’t burden them with unnecessary worries, like the invasion content. I especially love it that Eve’s greatest leaders are willing to selflessly enter into this public service, with no thought of their own enrichment.

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I love how CCP connects with it’s player base in their own forums. Their selfless acts of bravery on the part of the Dev’s to talk straight on the forums for the betterment and enlightenment of said player base.


Let’s play Global Thermonuclear War.

(I know it’s not exact but I still couldn’t resist.)

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I like bad games.


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