Private sale agreed upon all rules followed

agreed to sell myself to @b4zik15 for 5 bill will be transferring via plex support ticket soon as isk and account name received.

Will transfer isk and name tomorrow afternoon.

okay no problem

@Jacquotte_Avis_Delahaye which toon do I send isk too?

always the character being sold according to CCP rules then i have to move it from there before having them start the transfer also need to send an in game mail with the name of the account to have it transferred too (the name used to log into that account never share your password even CCP wont ask for that). @b4zik15

isk and acct info sent.


@b4zik15 support ticket created character will be instantly moved to your account once a GM gets to it if not there with in 48 hours mention it and ill update/file another ticket typically they get it within 24 hours though.

thank you!

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