Private Sale

I am confirming this toon is for sale in a private transaction.

25,429,424 SP at time of this post, 12M of undesired SP to be extracted prior to sale

Skills to be extracted (no special order):
All Missile Skills
Medium Energy Turret 5
Medium Energy Turret 4
Small Artillery Spec 5
Small Artillery Spec 4
Small Artillery Spec 3
Small Artillery Spec 2
Small Artillery Spec 1
Small Auto Spec 5
Small Auto Spec 4
Small Auto Spec 3
Small Auto Spec 2
Small Auto Spec 1
Small Beam Spec 5
Small Beam Spec 4
Small Beam Spec 3
Small Beam Spec 2
Small Beam Spec 1
Small Blaster Spec 5
Small Blaster Spec 4
Small Blaster Spec 3
Small Blaster Spec 2
Small Blaster Spec 1
Small Energy Turret 5
Small Energy Turret 4
Small Hybrid Turret 5
Small Hybrid Turret 4
Small Hybrid Turret 3
Small Hybrid Turret 2
Small Hybrid Turret 1
Small Precursor Weapon 2
Small Precursor Weapon 1
Small Projectile 5
Small Projectile 4
Small Projectile 3
Small Projectile 2
Small Projectile 1
Small Pulse Laser Spec 5
Small Pulse Laser Spec 4
Small Pulse Laser Spec 3
Small Pulse Laser Spec 2
Small Pulse Laser Spec 1
Small Rail Spec 5
Small Rail Spec 4
Small Rail Spec 3
Small Rail Spec 2
Small Rail Spec 1
Amarr Cruiser 4
Amarr Destroyer 4
Amarr Frigate 5
Amarr Frigate 4
Cald Cruiser 4
Cald Dessy 4
Cald Frigate 5
Cald Frigate 4
Electronic Atk Ships 3
Electronic Atk Ships 2
Electronic Atk Ships 1
Gal Dessy 4
Gal Dessy 3
Gal Dessy 2
Gal Dessy 1
Gal Frig 5
Gal Frig 4
Gal Frig 3
Gal Frig 2
Gal Frig 1
Min Dessy 4
Min Dessy 3
Min Dessy 2
Min Dessy 1
Min Frig 5
Min Frig 4
Min Frig 3
Min Frig 2
Min Frig 1

edit: this list was inaccurate and missing a number of skills to be removed (precursor skills, among others)

Buyer to confirm availability of funds before extraction begins, after confirmation of extraction buyer to send seller 14.5 B ISK and transfer request via PLEX will be sent to CCP.

terms are agreed upon!

Sheet updated. Math was off and extraction came out to 14.43 M SP remaining. Buyer has agreed to 15B ISK even.

Isk received, opening ticket with CCP for transfer via PLEX

pleasure doing business 07

support request 911823 is now open and awaiting GM response

still waiting on pilot :slight_smile: any status check?

So far all I have received from CCP is the “we got your ticket” email.

Okay, ussually takes about 10 hours tho right? Its been about 17 now

Plex takes longer, from what I read

Right Think plex is roughly 10 hours give or take a few hours is what i thought

any updates? @Chris_Stryfe

its been 36 hours stll no character. check your evemail.

Sorry for my late reply, I have been traveling.

I have still received no response from CCP. I can log into the ticket system and show you the ticket status.

I did make you aware that this was going to be facilitated by PLEX from the beginning…

I just read your evemail and updated the ticket accordingly. Here’s hoping it doesn’t reset our wait time with CCP. (it might – i think their priority system measures time since any activity on the ticket)

I know I’m not upset since I’m fairly certain the blame falls on me not you :). Typos! Haha. Travel safe!

recieved the character! thank you!

I just got home and was going to update that CCP responded to the ticket approximately 10 hours ago.

Pleasure doing business.

Sale concluded, thread closed.