Character Sold 3/26/2019

Looking to sell today, so make an offer. i’ll take anything reasonable.

Cybernetics 5
Barge 5
Industrial Command Ships 4
Exhumer 4
Precursor cruiser 4
Amarr frigate 5
Afterburner, Navigation, Evasive Maneuvering, Warp Drive operation 5
fuel conservation and high speed maneuvering 4
cyno 3
Jump drive operation 1
CPU, power grid and cap system operation 5
Hull upgrades 5
Mechanics, remote armor repair systems, repair systems 4
tactical shield manipulation, shield emission systems and shield upgrade 4
signature analysis 5
long range targeting, target management 4
Gunnery, medium precursor weapon 5
medium precursor weapon spec, controlled bursts, motion prediction, rapid firing, sharpshooter, surgical strike and trajectory analysis 4
Drones, Mining Drones, Light and Medium drones 5, most other drone skills are 4
Cloaking, prop jamming and electronic warfare 4
Biology 4, infomorph psychology 3, Industry 5, Science 5, Astrogeology 5, Mining 5, Mining upgrades 4, ice harvesting 5, Deep core Mining 3, Command center and planet management 4

As you can see, quite a few useful skills if you plan to do pvp or mining.
Wallet will be drained to 0
0 kill rights
0/3 Jump Clones
Located in Jita 4-4
zkillboard -
73% dangerous with 2b killed, lost 300m

Bump - still for sale.

She’d had all her space shots, taken a shower and even put on new clothes.

I will offer 10B

Done. Send isk and information.

I will be sending just after downtime today.

No worries.
I’m going to head to bed. I’ll start transfer once isk is deposited and i get your in game mail.

ISK and account info sent.

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