Privi Partizan Midscale and Blops-Centric PvP

My name is Asar Kardde. I represent Privi Partizan, now part of Triumvirate.

We do BLOPs, small gang, and small scale fleet fights. We don’t mine and we don’t run abyssals. If something looks like a half decent killmail chain, we pursue it.

Our fleets are frequent and intelligent. The multiple daily BLOPS and roaming fleets are run by people who know how to actually fly their ships and properly utilize everyone’s time. In the downtimes, you do what you want. If you’re an adult who values your time spent and wants to kill ■■■■ with other adults, you should consider looking us up. To hell with bloc politics and wardecs - you can’t evict us from borderland NPC null stations and they happen to be both all around and within jump range of all your fancy stuff.

Recruitment is open and selective. Applicants will have a mic, baseline knowledge in hunting/PvP, and a drive to learn new tactics. Applicants will also be able to finance their own destruction outside of whatever handouts happen for a given fleet. Dictor and scout alts are highly advised but not required.

Please find the links below for some of our previous gameplay experiences.

Still recruiting

BLOPs pilots join here

Still searching for motivated individuals

Looking for GAMERS

Dunked some people in GW, we do more than blopsing

We get rorq kills with only 8 blops

Still getting fun and engaging content in NPC null and Sov null alike.

Caught these guys lacking

Carry the flame

I am looking for more gamers

dank frags found here

Still searching for pilots

Recruitment still open

Still seeking gamers!

Even our bash ops are fun!


Seeking more people seeking epic fights

Getting fights in multiple timezones

New content!

Still looking