Privi Partizan USTZ/EUTZ Smallscale PvP Corporation looking for PvP Minded Players

Privi Partizan (Privi Partizan | Corporation | zKillboard) is a small scale UStz corporation that is actively recruiting pilots that enjoy small-midscale fleets as well as black ops PvP. Privi Partizan is a small independent alliance nestled in the south. Our content ranges from small-midscale fleets of 10-30+assaulting enemy citadels, to small teams of 3-5 Black Ops popping local ratters. Our location gives us access to a wide band of content with other small groups just a few gates away or bloc renters being in direct range of us.


Requirements to join are:

  • At least one useful alt
  • Good attitude
  • Yearning to PvP

Skills required (One of the following for each row):

  • Min Cruiser 5/Caldari Cruiser 5
  • Min Cruiser 5/ Gal BS 4 AND Cal BS 4
  • Any BLOPS BS/Legion/Loki

If you do not meet these requirements feel free to reach out to me anyway as exceptions are always able to be made for the right pilots.
If this sounds like something that interests you feel free to click the link below:

First bump

Fight from tonight

Still recruiting

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