Privi Partizan USTZ Small scale and Blops-Centric PvP

Privi Partizan [S3RBS]is a small gang corporation currently based out of NPC NS that is conducting raids into neighboring regions. Gameplay can vary from ganking defenseless miners in BLOPs, to setting up traps for defense fleets, as well as interfering with neighboring sov infrastructure.

Some of our gameplay can be seen in this video: Asymmetric-Warfare: Negligent Loss - YouTube

Killboard: Privi Partizan | Corporation | zKillboard

Things we currently emphasize:

  • BLOPs Drops

  • Smallgang/nanogang pvp

  • Small - Midscale fleet fights

  • Counter BLOPsing

Timezone emphasis is on USTZ but we are have recently added an EUTZ corp to alliance as well as have EUTZ partners in our region

Hard requirements to join are:

  • Good attitude

  • Working mic

  • Can fly the following: Loki/Tengu

  • At least one useful Alt

If you think you offer something despite lacking one of these DM me and we can potentially work it out. Also very interested in people with capital alts.

We are open to all types of players and do not discriminate or allow real life to interfere with how we treat each other. That being said you should be an adult and don’t believe yourself to be free from criticism or the occasional light-hearted banter and ribbing.

If this interests and you click the link below to join our discord server and talk to one of us.

Still Recruiting

In search of people to carry the flame

I am once again asking for your support

Lots of cool things happening, would love for more people to be a part of it.

Still gaming, LFG (looking for gamers)

Lots of good killmails getting generated, wouldn’t mind having a couple more on em.

Looking for more people willing to commit unsolicited acts of violence against miners.

Lazily typed bump message

Come PvP w/ us!

Pulled off a pretty epic dreadbomb in hostile space.

Looking for more cap pilots!

Video of the above is out!

Check out some of our gameplay.

Merry Christmas

Still seeking motivated indviduals

Still recruiting dedicated gamers

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Still recruiting!


We are still looking for talented (and untalented) gamers