Probing for corp options

Hi, I’ll just start with a little bit about myself and my experience. After I’ll list what I’m looking for.

I started EVE in 2016, but I have been off and on (more off than on) since. I consider myself newish still, but not totally green. I have some experience in Low Sec / PvP, Wormholes, Exploration (data / relic). I have learned to be self sufficient with a primarily solo play style.

However, the problem I am facing is I am growing tired of roaming Low Sec by myself daily rarely finding 1v1 fights. Let’s face it, EVE is designed around cooperative play and ultimately I realize I want to enjoy as much as EVE has to offer, especially the new invasion content. My current corp, a solo PvP corp, does not facilitate a means for that really.

So that leads me to what I’m looking for:

  • I’m a big fan of organic PvP in games (i.e. Triglavian vs Edencom) and I think the best PvP comes from this
  • I still like solo PvP, but would like options for small gang PvP regularly in my TZ
  • PvE fleet content (like Triglavian invasions, co-op abyssal, etc)
  • DO NOT want to live in a wormhole again, but day tripping is fine
  • DO NOT want to join a null bloc and become an F1 blob member
  • I am not opposed to Null Sec but apprehensive about it (logistics, etc)
  • Casual people that don’t take the game too seriously and doesn’t care about zkillboard.
  • -I’m honestly not very good and I make a lot of mistakes in fights, but otherwise I do a lot of stupid stuff that gets me killed / I like to goof off or just try whatever.
  • I am in USTZ, my play time is usually late evenings; around 0200-0700 eve time.
  • Prefer smaller corps over larger ones

Again, I try to be self sufficient and do not require anything from the corp except if you have a doctrine you insist that I fly that is something I normally do not.

One last note and I feel that it’s important to be up front about it…I am a pretty introverted person and not the most vocal person. Not to say I do not want to socialize / chat, but I prefer text over voice. I will voice when required in fleet, but 90% of the time I prefer text. I find voice chat to be stressful and ultimately I am playing to chill out and recharge.

Anyway, I’m not sure what corp exists where I’d be a good fit. Just curious to see what is out there. Thanks.

Edit: Forgot to mention this is an alt. My primary has 28m SP.

Hey bud,

I think we may be a good fit for you. We are a nullsec ustz pvp corp living in Vale.

We are part of an alliance “Freight Train Diplomacy” . We are not affiliated with any Coalitions and have two blues.

We are a tight knit corp and like the laid back environment. We pvp when we want to and no paps or ctas or any of that crap of fleeting up for some random alliance that the coalition has blued, also everyone knows Vale is content central.

-We got voice comms(very active).
-We also have handout doctrine ships and help subsidize ships if you have to buy them.
-Logistics is setup and super easy to use as well.

Give us at F-OFF a shout.


ben3wallace#5741 <-- my discord

I think we should at least chat… you seem like you may be a good fit. Older corp… small gang (truly)… Shoot me a message in game.

Sent you an Evemail this morning…good luck on your search!

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