Problem jettison

Need to add ore cargo extenders and there a problem with the mackow ship maybe all jettison containers you put in 35,000 m3 in and it say 27,500 so do it or not include 7,500m3? Increase the amount of m3

I recommend the Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums subforum for this suggestion. Jetcans are 27500 m3, but if you fly a Mackinaw it’s unlikely that lack of ore hold capacity is going to be an issue.

The Mackinaw is not supposed to be a Newbro ship. But interesting problem, what happens to the jettisonned package if it’s bigger than a maximum jetcan? Gonna test.
It is no problem to seperate and jettison a 27.500 package, though, that’s the easiest workaround.
BTW, two filled containers are no problem for a well skilled Miasmos…

Error it’s does jettison and you do get your 35,000 m3 but it says 27,500
work on going back to the universe hard to do with the ship but new alien ship bigger real scale planet sun and look a the
grand scale of the universe on YouTube earth is small its dust compared to the biggest sun or planet

So english is obviously not your first language

If you are maxing out your jet cans, then you should have another ship available like the Orca, that can scoop up your cans…

if you don’t have another ship available, then you should be flying back to the closet station/structure to place your ore and go back…
leaving 27,500 worth of ore in one can and the rest in another is asking for them to be destroyed.

whatever doesn’t get put in the jet can should stay in the ship.

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…or stolen… either for the profit or as bait… or both. :slight_smile:

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thinking of ideas to help ccp

why don’t ccp make 25p 50p £1 bargains on plex store then it makes the store like the economy where you can increase your skill past the highest for 1 day

increase the grand scale of the universe because all the planets are not soused to be the same and the sun add all the different sun’s universe grand scale, people are dust own earth is small, look at astronomy

make it so the all the sun in the distinct can be reachable, when in space with your ship ,that would be cool so you press on a light sun in the distances can warp if in range long range warp engines

gas should come out of asteroid and they should be moving some.

notify the player they have been target by combat probe idea ?

try find out if you can use a super computer to make more ship and equipment and others, people wont more. and use the super computer for alien world and raises when you wont to return to the universe instead of just a small portion…

make jettison containers modifiable in station like you do with fitting?

make different layout of the ships each one but with multiple chooses to choose from each with defect state and cost so much add variety

make different engine’s that can be modify on the fitting with different state’s

impossible to understand 80% of what you mean
try to ask some english speaking friends to translate

the few things i understood are really â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– 
“notify the players who are being scanned using combat probes”? is it i a joke? this is a pvp game man. When you play counterstrike, does something warns you that someone is planning to shoot you?

eve doesn’t need to be easier.

last thing: this is the Question and answers section. If you want to suggest new things to CCP, there is a specific section in the forum, not here

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Obviously you have some ideas, but no-one over here has the influence to change the game, we only try to explain (or to find out) how things work in New Eden.
This is not the CCP suggestion box, I’m afraid :wink:

As Wyk already mentioned, there’s a better suited forum part for suggestions.

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