How to carry ore to Jita, without getting blown up?

I am a n00b player. I mine several jumps away from Jita in HS, no real trade hub in the vicinity. I usually compress the ores and carry them to Jita in my Miasmos. What is the highest amount/most valuable ore cargo/most isk/ that I can carry in my tiny little miasmos without getting blow up by a pirate on my route to Jita?

I figured, 50% of my cargo (on average) is lost when they blow me up, so if my cargo is worth less then double their ganking ships worth they leave me alone?

There is no amount to stop them from ganking you… if they want to gank you they will… even if you have nothing in your hold.

I am not talking about ganking. I am talking about pirating.

AKA ganking… NOTHING will stop them… as i said even if you have nothing, they will still blow you up for fits and giggles.

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That should lower your risk of being Ganked. Although it won’t remove it.
Also you need to include the mods on your ship in the calculation as they can drop too.

Other options:

  • courier contracts - get someone else to carry it. I have no idea on costs but it maybe the case that you can mine the difference the time you would have been hauling.
  • buy back service - I think you can get 90% Jita anywhere in HS, again maybe you can mine the difference in the time saved.
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Thanks. Just what I thought. Can compressed ores drop, or do they go all up in smoke?

I’m fairly sure they drop. But I’ve never checked.

in this kill:

all of the PI stuff blew up. Does PI stuff always blow up, or was it because it was in a container?

And why did a 110m tornado kill a 20m Nereus?

again, they’ll kill them for fits and giggles… its not always about isk…

I think if things are in a container the entire container and contents drop or are destroyed.

There are many reasons why someone might blow up another players ship in this game, profit is only one of the reasons.


Because it was in a container.

Things that are in a container, will either drop, or get destroyed.

Just like, If i drop your cat, and there is a 50/50 percent chance that the cat will either land on a fluffy pillow and survive, or land in molten hot magma and die, youre not going to expect the cat to be dropped into magma and suffer a minor broken leg, right?

Its EVEs answer to a loot box.

Sometimes you spend a hundred dollars on a loot box and you get crappy, shitty items.

Sometimes you spend a hundred dollars on a loot box, and its a Ferrari.

Maybe they preferred a 110m ship kill a 200 m ship?

Perhaps it was just a test, that’s his Tornado blown to bits shortly after.

But as the contents have been in a secure container, maybe he just wasn’t able to see the contents of the container and thus had to guess. So to be precise, the Nereus pilot kind of ganked the Tornado guy :slight_smile:

Jita is no longer the high class cesspit it once was, it has fallen from grace, why not move it to somewhere else?

Forget how much is in your hold and learn to mwd cloak. If they can’t scan you they can’t know how much you’re hauling.

Beyond that don’t carry more than you’re willing to lose.

You can also just pay red frog to move it for you.

May cost 20-30 mil but you don’t risk losing your ship or isk.

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