Freighter choice?

Looking at all the suicide ganking going on, is there any point in not picking the Obelisk? I mean, it’s got far superior EHP, and only the Fenrir seems to have significant better align-time and speed than the other three, but horrible EHP. I know there’s some cargo-difference between them, but isn’t survivability the absolute priority?

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depends. If you haul less than 500M you should not really be attacked.

EHP are pointless against ganking. From an EHP point of view, the Providence would be the better option because you can fit it with ANPs and armor repair it, which increases your survivability more than bulkheads, as this kill demonstrates. While the Obelisk even with ANP still has slightly more EHP, most of it is in hull. The Providence, on the other hand, has more armor HP, which you can repair a lot easier than the Obelisk’s hull during the gank.
Obviously, cargo value also “modifies” your survivability, but only to a point as the destruction of numerous empty or near worthless freighters on zkill demonstrate.

More than HP, webbing and scouting keeps you alive more than anything. And not getting scanned on the Jita or Amarr undock.


Hey @Chili_Klaus here’s a little breakdown on Freighters Freighters and you

This is also a super site:


Yip, can choose what ever you like just don’t double wrap :stuck_out_tongue:, from a psychological point they would shoot the minimatar ship first because it only has duct tape, although it would align faster and give people less chance to get in position.

Thanks for the responses. After a closer look on the killboard I think I’ll pass with the whole freighter business. They are being suicide ganked even without any loot. Just doesn’t seem worth it.

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red frog ftw, sold mine awhile ago because I sweat balls every time I have to go passed 0.5.

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The simplest way to move a freighter around highsec to combat ganking is with webs. A Huggin with 3 t2 webs for example can web a freighter after just a couple of seconds, usually as fast as you can lock it.

Fenrir will get you somewhere much faster than the other 3… Even with less cargo space, unless you are making a one-way trip and absolutely must have the larger capacity for that reason the Fenrir is the only way to go because if you are making multiple trips, in the end you will get more moved in less time.

I felt that a lot of the time the precautions you take are what keep you alive more than the modules you choose. Like not carrying more than your hull is worth and having an alt that scouts+webs for you with a overview tab that only shows battleships and cruisers to easily spot common scanning and bumping pairs on gates (like Machariel’s and Blackbirds).

I personally used a Ferir with Inertial Stabilizers for the speed. I did it for a few years pretty actively; made more ISK than the losses I had so it’s profitable. That said, freighting can be stressful for sure and is one of the reasons I don’t do it much anymore. :slight_smile: Best of luck if you do decide to give it a go!

freighters that haul 0 are being ganked, frighter choice wont save you as ive watched gankers use 60 catalyst to take a guy out or a fleet of 20 talos. and as of now with goon swarm invading even battleships that are t1 fit are being ganked so yeah.


I’m all in for the whole “not safe anywhere etc. etc.”, but this is ridiculous. You should be punished for flying carelessly with very expensive cargo/equipment, or at least be prepared to get ganked, but flying with empty cargo or in regular ships with no special equipment and still being ganked is IMO wrong. I wonder how many have stopped playing just so minor groups could get their kicks with 0 economic incentives.


Yes, ganking empty freighters does happen, especially during big events like Burn Jita or when a gank FC needs to keep the fleet happy with content, but this narrative that is wide-spread or a problem is a little much. Looking at the last two pages of zKill, there are exactly two freighter ganks in highsec that were empty. That is like 2% of highsec freighter losses, and freighters are already one of the safest classes of ships in the game. All the rest were either lost to wars/duels, or were ganked hauling significant amounts of cargo or had unscannable containers inside.

Both those empty freighter ganks cost the perpetrators hundreds of millions of ISK and netted them nothing. They massively lost the ISK war. That is a pretty strong incentive for them not to happen, but for whatever reason, they payed that cost. Perhaps the target mouthed off, or maybe there was something personal going on. Or perhaps they were known associates of a rival or enemy. Whatever. In general, the risk to your freighter very much scales with how profitable a target you make yourself, and how little effort you take to defend yourself, as it should.

Making yourself an unattractive (read: costly and unprofitable) target by fitting tank and not overloading goes a long way to keeping you safe. Even more so does not using autopilot, scouting, webbing and in extreme cases, flying with an escort fleet.

You probably have a larger chance of having a real life heath crisis and having NPCs explode your freighter while the ambulance carts you away than having your AFK, empty and bulkheaded freighter being ganked at random by someone. Unless you have put 90% of your net worth into that freighter (which is a big Eve no-no) the chances of your empty freighter being ganking aren’t worth even considering.

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Hmm, It would be interesting if a suicide gank in high sec set all involved straight to -10 after each attempt, and it was harder for -10 to move around high. This in turn would give them less time to prepare and wouldn’t be able to sit around waiting, it’s too easy to gank atm anything to make it more difficult would up the quality of the game in my opinion.


it MUST be easy to gank.
High-Sec is NOT safe-sec.

I disagree, it should require strategy and planning, and its a good income at 0 risk, so naturally it makes no sense for it to be ez as well, or they can make it so anything illegally ganked in high sec has all loot destroyed :stuck_out_tongue: lol but that would be the ultimate troll against gankers.

Also maybe you should check public channels as they tend to embargo gankers etc. That gives you a little bit extra security as many people tend to avoid suicide ganking as they will need hauling themselves at some point. That is not to say they won’t have alts etc to destroy you, but at list joining a public channel that names and shame the very hated gankers for sure will help.

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:thinking: - empty because full of gank contract - worthless and ganked via duel trap - full empty - empty because worthless gank contract - empty filled with lots of worthless stuff bump tackled to get killed by FOB NPC - empty and bump tackled into FOB NPC - worthless load and bump tackled into FOB NPC

CODE gankers in particular do not care at all what they gank any more because they have hundreds of alts farming skill injectors for ridiculously profits. They do not care if a freighter gives them loot or not.

Furthermore, looking at the last kills, gankers don’t even need to invest hundreds of millions into ganking any longer. You just need a cheap 20M Blackbird to counter the webber, a next to undieable Machariel for prolonged tackling and a rookie ship for killboard whoring.


Maybe we should all do it and rid the game of freighter’s the ganker’s who probably use red frog for everything wont be able to move stuff anymore, no one would use freighters and the situation would blow up to a point where something needs to be done. Or we can just talk about it in a civilized way on forums :slight_smile: and maybe people with half a brain would realize how rediculas the current situation is.


I think the situation is good. Just use or aplly to join red frog freight problem solved. If i need something moved in hisec that needs freighter i always use red frog it saves time and my nerves