This is why ganked freighter pilots deserve zero sympathy

I offer as Exhibit A: Completely untanked Charon worth 1.2 billion ISK carrying 23 billion ISK of cargo…

This is why freighter pilots deserve each and every gank on Zkill. They whine about bumping and ganking when they are flying like this…


The pilot is almost 3 years in the game too.

The only thing that concerns me with this, because of his name, we may see a Texas Law situation here.


605 Billion ISK worth of high sec ganks reported so far today on ZKill. Gotta love it…


Yeah, and I notice Squizz’s approach to identifying ganks does occasionally miss them too, though he has tweaked his approach recently to identify more ganks.

To get the “ganked” label:

  • Attackers that are concorded have to have done some damage
  • The ganked ship must not have any concord on its own killmail
  • At least 5 people involved
  • Worth at least 25m isk

I use a slightly different approach, but the zkillboard approach works well, especially for larger ships. However, the 605B is still conservative, because there are a number of ganks not counted as ganks using the current zkill method.


Are these freighter pilots really that stupid? For example, there were 3 Nomad JF’s each carrying almost the exact same cargo, each worth ~23 billion ISK, that undocked 10 minutes apart and each were ganked right on the Jita 4-4 undock. Either sheer stupidity, or someone had some damn good intel…


Those nomads were autopiloting to Jita 4-4 and didn’t do anything once the first one was ganked besides kept trying to autopilot to Jita 4-4.

Just fyi


Nice. Thank you for your valuable service against the AFK, auto-pilot freighter hordes. It always amazes me when I see ganks by 20 to 40 pilots. The logistics needed to set that up is beyond me. And they say ganking takes no effort…


My Charon was fit with the following:


Fly stupid…die stupid…

Zero sympathy…


Thank you for linking this mail. It shows impressively how CFCODE do not care about how expensive their gank fleet is compared to the freighter HP they attack. This thing could have been destroyed with the same number of bombers or even cheaper Catalysts.

That aside: Yes, these kind of freighers deserve to die. Just stop bothering my actively flown freighters when there are so many AFK whales flying around. :stuck_out_tongue:


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Hey don’t you dare talking negatively about these magnificent people!

Stealing loot from such ganks at Jita and nearby is how I plexed my account for more than a year in advance to can train the expanded alpha skillset, bought overpriced 10/20 ship BPOs for several billions as I needed them right away to can copy them for my giveaways, and could afford other such expenditures, all that thanks to magnificent people like these who provide wealth-redistribution opportunities for casual people like me who only occasionally sign in and are staying as alphas.

With only risking a frigate I have opportunities to steal jackpot loot all the time and I do so every now and then, among the lesser loot grabs of course which are obviously much more frequent and also add up over time. I rather do this and is much more convenient and fun than grinding and is only made possible by people like him.

I embrace such people and encourage them to never change their practices, they do a great service to people like me. :wink:


Please be aware that ISK does not actually reflect how much ganking is taking place, or how much impact it actually has on actual people. People of simpler minds take that number and exaggerate the actual impact of a minority onto everyone.

Disclaimers. ■■■■■■■ worth it.

Nothing to do with sympathy, I just think that bumping makes it too damn easy.


and when they remove the bumping mechanic you will complain weapons make it too easy


Actually I would reduce the EHP on freighters a bit and then it would be a good balance so feel free to fire.

PS You are a noob monghead!

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why would you reduce the ehp you clueless dummy
and how can you say it is balanced when you dont even say how much you would reduce ehp by
just ambiguous number of ehp and we are supposed to take you seriously
like you know anything about balance
you are a joke

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Well that is obvious but you are too much of a noob monghead to work that out…

all you can do is throw around insults because you are too dumb to make a concise argument
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