Problem Mac m1 launching app after last update of 1 hour ago

Hello. I’ve a Mac m1 and played a lot until before the last patch. now after update, when I click on play for the account, the app icon keeps jumping in eternity and goes in force crash. Already reinstalled the launcher, but the app don’t open. I figured out some corp mates have the same issue with Mac. Any solutions? Already cleared the cache, already reinstalled, and already turned off and on the computer.

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Same problem.

I experience the same issue on Intel Mac.

Same issue there working on it

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Same problem for me. Imac 2019 Intel.

Same issue

Same here M1 mac

Having the same issue now since last update - hit play and it shows me a nuclear black white circle icon - loads the client for a split second and crashes - no log nothing. Did anyone figure out what it was since im the only one who this has happened to today.

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Have had the same issue back then and it was fixed with the patch delivered in 14th march afternoon. Since the latest patch today, I can log in, but my game crashes with an unresponsive freeze after about a minute.
Owning a M2 Max Mac

Edit: It seems to be related to headphones been connected via bluetooth. Usually I use AirPods 2, which have some hick hacks a couple of minutes right after starting the game, but function afterwards without severe problems. EVE Online is the only application with such behaviour.
However, the AirPods battery life was gone yesterday and thus I had to use the MacBook speaker - and it worked.

Can you replicate the problem Mnxora? If so, CCP should take a look.

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