Professionals Inc is now open for Recruiting!

Eve is boring without friends.

Professionals Incorporated [PR1N], proud member of The Initiative Alliance and The Imperium Coalition is recruiting capsuleers.

We are a null sec corp with members in most time zones looking for team-oriented players.

What we offer:
• A supportive and helpful community
• Plenty of space to do exploration, ratting, anom, ice, and moon mining.
• Full industry infrastructure
• Access to Imperium markets and the cheapest capital ships in New Eden
• Daily small and large fleets in all time zones utilizing ships of all sizes.
• Ship replacement program

What we require:
• Engagement with corp
• Mature attitude
• Active on Mumble and Discord
• Ability to be self sufficient
• Willingness to train into doctrine ships
• Full ESI Pull of all accounts

Ability to competently fly an Interceptor (Stiletto/Ares) for Fleet Participation is a requirement before you will be Interviewed.

Stop by our discord or public channel to see if you are a good fit.
In game ‘Professionals, Inc Public’

Great Corp with really good people!

love this lot

Best corp I’ve been in.

Don’t delay, Apply today… :grin:

Have really enjoyed my time here.

great team work

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Find your New Home in the New Year!!!

Open for recruiting. Stop by the discord to have a chat. :grin:

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