Project Discovery - Another one bites the dust

Just here to say "hmmmmm, really? SINCE we were TRAINED by EVE PROJECT DISCOVERY to RECOGNIZE these signatures why then are WE penalized for indicating what we were TRAINED to RECOGNIZE?

No - seriously. This project trains us from the very beginning to recognize certain patterns, this is what this entire project is essentially about - pattern recognition. This is no different that what super computers are programmed to recognize, right?

In this instance the pattern fits PERFECTLY in the breakdown folding, the PATTERN is perfect yet this is clearly not correct by who’s interpretation?

While it may seem that I am making a big stink this is not so. My accuracy rating hasn’t changed and I am at the top of my game. What this is about is the constant inconsistency from Project Discovery INRE what WE are taught to see and recognize.

No harm no foul, but a MUST to bring forth. Don’t misunderstand please, there is no salt in this post only a raised eyebrow asking “… … … . really… … … .?”


You’ve marked the second body passing behind the first. I.e. a half orbit.
Is it hard to tell apart. Totally.
Also while it says failed because you were 50% right it actually gives a small increase in accuracy and gives full rewards regardless of right or not.
So there is no point getting upset over odd samples now and then.

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Oh No, I fully understand. And truly, I am not upset.

Perhaps I worded my post improperly in the sense that we are trained to recognize x. We see X, Mark X, and get punished for Marking X is the gist of it. The shoe fit, but it’s no big deal and I am certainly not griping. We have all found ourselves in a situation in Project Discovery that we question is all :wink:

Project Discovery is a great tool for our species as a whole and us little folk here playing Eve get boons for participating which is badass no matter how one looks at it. I fully support this program so please do not misunderstand and think such postings like this are gripes, moans, tears or otherwise. I know fully why in this instance I was wrong. The entire point of the post was to warn others that even though you were taught that if the shoe fits, it doesn’t always mean you should wear it if you follow my meaning. If not, then perhaps I have drank one too many Quaffe Ultra’s!

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But lets also not forget that I can share an IDENTICAL screenshot where my markings are 100% correct. The point being, Project Discovery is governed by rules of which we cannot debate because they’ve been 100% authenticated by ‘real’ scientists (LMFAO)

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