Project Discovery New groupings

I recently tried the new grouping style mentioned in the Stream but it resulted in getting only 3% on the “gold standard”

Could anyone clarify if this style of grouping is correct

Sorry, but it's time for the new owners to fire everyone and hire a new staff. CCP staff does not deserve to have jobs in this field. The level of incompetency is displayed across the board.

Yeah, I watched that stream and it looks like you did exactly what they were talking about.

Unfortunately I have to agree with what @Ashitaka_Taharqa posted. Until that happens, just expect more bugs and misinformation from CCP.

Off-topic here but what is the current area of PD?

What I suspect is that this was part of the initial phase and to make it easier for players to get on board PD.

But with the “improvement” to the requirements by the scientists, I think these gold standards need to be revised.

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