Project Discovery Not Loading

I have been running into a recurrent issue where I click on the Project Discovery Icon and it fails to load. All I see is the frame of the black box where the items are to be rendered. If I leave the box open it eventually loads after 5-10 minutes. The process repeats itself after I complete a task and hit submit. It again fails to load properly. This is all on my PC.

On my Mac it loads and runs perfectly. No issues at all with Project Discovery on that platform.

Any suggestions as to how to fix the PC issue would be appreciated.

I had the same problem for a long time with the old project discovery, with the planets. It went away eventually, I think.

I even updated my video drivers today thinking perhaps that would help. no joy still. I really hope I don’t need to log on with my mac each day. My PC is the preferred gaming platform and I hope that this issue can get resolved quickly

Project Discovery still does not work at all on my PC. It works on the Mac just fine. I can’t believe that this issue is not affecting anyone else and I would hope that someone may be able to assist and let me know why this may be happening. Using Windows 10 and it is up to date. All drivers are up to date as well.

Did you file a bug report?

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