Project Discovery Questions for the Devs

(Aruar) #1

It’s been almost 2 years since Project Discovery Exoplanets came out and there are a few questions I’d like to ask the Devs regarding PD and it’s future.

  1. First and foremost, what has been the result of this 2 year mission? Have we found any strange new worlds? but seriously, you set a bunch of space gamers on the task of finding planets. I’d like to think we found one or two, and it would be really cool to get some feedback on that.
  2. How much longer is PD Exoplanets going to be around? the first Project Discovery only lasted about one year so I’m curious how much longer this one will be around. (please add more slides and keep it around longer)
  3. Are there going to be any updates to this version of Project Discovery? or are you in talks for something new?

Honestly at this point it would just be nice to hear any update on Project Discovery.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #2

not sure if this is what you are looking for.

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(Bjorn Tyrson) #3

that was the previous project discovery. so not even remotely what he was talking about.

(Aruar) #4

I don’t suppose you could give an update of some kind?

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(xxxTRUSTxxx) #5

I’d be very interested also to hear how we are doing.

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(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #6

i don’t do PD so i had no idea which one it was referring to, or that it changed.

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(Aruar) #7

You have to think it would be amazing press if they could say they were the first video game to help scientists find a real planet. Especially since we’re a space based MMO. This is not the kind of thing you waste. I’m just curious why it’s been almost 2 years and nothing.

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(xxxTRUSTxxx) #8

i would think it’s the process of confirmation that takes that while longer, perhaps years.

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(DeMichael Crimson) #9

Yeah I agree, especially when it pertains to scientific research.

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(Jerry Falcone) #10

I swear I read some news article about it. I dont quite remember where I read it, but it was a year ago

“We’re one year into the exoplanets project and we’re seeing way, way, way , more participation than the Human Protein Atlas,” says Finnbogason. “We got around 32 million total classifications from the first iteration of Project Discovery, and we’re at around 80 million classifications now. The engagement is way higher.”

(Aruar) #11

I think I read that same article about it. I appreciate they put it out but there are still a lot of unanswered questions about PD and it’s future I’d like some kind… any kind of information about.
There really hasn’t been any substantial update on it and I’ve been very curious how it’s done.

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(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #12

I found this Aug 2018 Article Which states they are going to publish results from the first round, which is probably what my link above was. So, it could be later this year that we get information from the second round.

And I was mistaken, I have dabbled in the first PD, and some of the second one…

(Aruar) #13

Yeah, they have a lot of information about the first one and I’m dying to hear about the second one.

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(Ms Steak) #14

From the AMA with CCP Hellmar:

Can we get an update on Project Discovery, and the future of this type of mini-game?

You guys are still pounding away at exoplanet discovery and providing reams of data! I personally just crossed over 95% accuracy rating and love doing it. Mining in EVE, doing Project Discovery and listening to science podcasts is my favorite meditation activity.

We don’t have anything to announce regarding a next phase for Project Discovery right now. Once we do, we’ll let you guys know.

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(Traco Miritu) #15

They cannot tell you because both of the two alien civilizations they found forbid it :slight_smile:

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(Aruar) #16

I’d still like some updates and information about this phase of Project Discovery.

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(Traco Miritu) #17


They found the vulcans…they will land around 2070 right after ww3…