Project Discovery

One example out of hundreds.

I don’t complain. I don’t peddle salt. I get it, things are algorithm based.

I pride myself with Project Discovery and my accuracy rate has not dropped below 98.9% in a month of mondays. Sometimes however I just have to shake my head and go “Are you serious?” and this is one of those cry me a river examples.

I was spot on in my folding work, but clearly not good enough it would seem?
Bothersome to say the least but who cares really - just an observation of mine.

Cheers though - I think PD is a great opportunity to help the greater good, and also to earn some decent rare items (except for those skins, glasses, and ridiculous 1 piece jumpers…)



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That’s an impressive accuracy rate. I’m struggling to keep mine above 80%.


I’ve got a successful scan before but it shows I have missed an orbit. Looking at the image it looks like the majority of people noted the transition on the left but you missed it. Only explanation I can think of

he didnt miss it. He was spot on but the transition marker for the leftmost dip is 1 or 2 pixels outside of graph and it marks whole attempt as failed. I’ve had that happen to me as well.

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