Project Revelation pilot

so u plan is that sell this character for one years? or more ?

my plan is to sell it until someone meets my price

so ur post is the trick ? 2 month past and u dont wanna sell ur character

no I just dont think 15 is high enough. If I wait another month he can train into a naglfar or an avtar which people are regularly paying 10b 15b mark ups on.

goodbye cheater

o/bye bye :slight_smile:

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How about 18b

I think ive decided im jsut gonna keep him for a few months and inject avatar into him. Think its a better investment at this time :slight_smile:

unless the price is 25b then i would let him go :stuck_out_tongue:

20b max or I will focus on other character

I wonder why you toon is not in NPC corporation?What violation of rules!I flag this for moderation.

Your Gunnery and Navigation is really good.But I think sp is not worth 25b.

id suggest taking 20b cause im surprised it even past 18

Offer cancle.

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Character is not in an NPC corp per this forum section’s rules