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Please delete thread, I will put more time in to skills before selling.

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Post updated, reopening it.

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Daily bump

10b Not super specialized but worth a little

Spent more than that making it, thanks for the bump

Do you think 11 is alright?

I think you have to lower your expectations a bit. Pheonix Pilot with almost zero Missiles support skills and he is missing essential skills like thermodynamics at all. Dreadnought on 3 etc

You have to invest at least 3 months Skilltime in this char

Not sure why you think this char is a starting bid of 16b worth it.

Edit: Nvm not even JDC skilled. This char needs 6month training to be an usefull dread pilot

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I messed up and wrote mastery level 3, this will be done in a month. It currently is 1 day off mastery level 2. I have edited the post. I disagree with you when you say 6months. are you telling me a ship is useless until you meet mastery level 4? Simulated fit shows 3k dps with a hefty tank. Granted it can get better over time but I am not selling it as a finished package

11b ill take it and use the the rest of the isk to fix it myself unusable in current state interesting start tho

Please be warned all buyers Caldari dread 3 and no jumpskills


14 starting is very unrealistic you are lucky if this even sells tbh

Iā€™m interested in it

13 bil

Still for sale, thank you for the offers

14 bil

Will sell in 24 hours at 14bill unless any other offers come in. Thank you OvO

If you agree I will pay the ISK