Character for sale, 58.9m skill points SOLD

I have not sold a character before, please let me know if this link does not show his skills.

Please make offers and I will reply promptly. Thanks.

32b isk ready

Thank you for the offer, if you can please make it 38B you have a deal

Would it help anyone if I made him have less SP? I can afford to extract 5 million to 35 million SP if that will help make him more affordable for anyone?

35 bil.
I would use him as a capital pilot and would need to inject & buy skillbooks so that’s the most I can offer
If you wait a few days other may offer more.

I’ll accept 35 bil

Bid withdrawn, skillbook price for titan skills + nav skills and all the other misc. junk exceeds the value of the SP. Wish you luck in finding other buyers.

If you could reduce it to a sp amount worth the price of 20bil I will take it. Looking for a subcap pilot - a preference if you are extracting please leave the skills for so. Amarr/Caldari

That would be around 35mil sp or so

35B if u want

I will accept 35B Richman Windy.

Also, Aurora De Martel, I can drop him down to 35M SP, keeping Amar/Caldari and supporting skills for 20Bil if that works for you, I will go with first person to reply

ISK AND ACCOUNT INFO SEND, plz make sure not drop down any SP…

ok, he will stay as he is for you Richman Windy

Character sold to Richman Windy, how do I change the title of the post to reflect this?

just type sold

congrats on your deal, too bad i missed out rip

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