Proposal Communications Complications

So here’s my idea.

Communication is one of the 3 tenants of warfighting. Shoot, move, communicate, right? Well, after spending time in wormholes and enduring the local blackout that has ALWAYS existed there for the past few years of my playing time, I thought, “what if a squadron had the capabilities to establish communication and radar detection relays as part of a dependency of gaining sovereignty and creating a “local” channel within null, low and wormholes?”

The way I picture it is that in these three places, local is a blackhole. No CONCORD, no established comm channels. Seems fair and logical. So a corporation or alliance could use ship moduals, structures and POS’s to create a communications and detection network within a system that allows them to have oversight over everything that shoots, moves, or communicates within their system. It would kinda take the place of d-scan, combat scan probing and just simply monitoring local.

A new modual could be created for command ships and t3 cruisers that allows them to not only establish forward echelon comm relays when attacking but also Jam via a hacking game interface or something like that, the other teams efforts to establish and maintain comms in a system and gain insight on ship movements and fleet sizes.

Imagine being able to see the entirety of a system instantly and not only that, but block your enemies ability to do the same, and stop their ability to communicate within your home systems! This was basically the role of the US Marine AE-6B Prowler for the past 40 years.

As an FC with competent communications and radar intercept officers, you would have to-the-second, pinpoint accurate information on your enemies movements and strengths, you could rule the day.

Black Ops ships could be configured to run sabotage missions on comm relay stations before an attack or perhaps work to establish the structures when expanding sovereignty in a new system.

To me the possibilities are endless on how doctrines could be developed for this, it could completely reshape the way EVE functions in every aspect but in high sec.

My idea, let the **** talking and nay saying commence!

Please relocate this to Feature Requests & Ideas category where community can provide feedback on and establish consensus on it before it being presented directly to CSM. Only the most compelling or thorny of ideas should be presented to CSM. What you’ve provided is neither. I am inclined to believe this idea is going to be rebuked big time (I certainly do not support it the way you’ve described it, though I have something vaguely similar in mind) such that CSM would not give it to time of day; it suffices to say if it ever were to get CSM’s ear, it should get community consensus in the other category first.

Ok. I’ll just delete it. Thanks for letting me know where it should have gone initially.

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