Protection Squadron

We’re a corporation intent on carving out its own little part of low sec. It’s fun when things explode and even more fun when those things aren’t ours.

We offer:

  • A base of operations right next to high security space, close to a market hub
  • small gang roams through FW space(we’re not FW)
  • gate camps for lols
  • structure bashes as we expand our own territory

What we’re looking for:

  • a general desire to shoot things
  • self-sufficiency(fly what you want but you pay for it)
  • access to voice comms

As long as you have the drive to become part of a group that is willing to put in the work for a growing corporation we would love to have you…

We will be needing a full API as well

If you have any questions feel free to send Mr Deleted an email, or we would love to have you join our in game channel “10-65”

We are tight knit and would love to add to our wonderful group

bump, come join our family, we are a great group of guys

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