Proton Cryogenics - Looking for Old and New players alike!

At proton cryogenics, we have many different activities for many different players!
These activities include:
☆ Small gang PvP
☆ Level 1-4 PvE Fleets
☆ A wormhole division (currently c2 and planning to soon branch into c4)
☆ Null Sec Ratting
☆ Mining Fleets
☆ Stealth Bombing Fleet

In terms of training we have:
☆ A few experienced traders
☆ Good PvP mentors
☆ Experienced Mission Runners

We also have facilities such as:
☆ The PCC SHIPYARD in Poinen - Which contains a Manufacturing Plant, a Reprocessing Facility, and a Cloning Centre. All with the appropriate rigs to suit! and not only that it’s pretty much free to use for corp mates!
☆ The Valhalla Raitaru in our wormhole - Which contains the same service modules and is also basically free of tax!

Our PvE tax rate is lower than NPC corps so that way even if you don’t feel comfortable with manufacturing or wormholes you can still do Highsec PvE AND make more money!

Remember to contact either James Cor’Tal, Moolack Uno or Meesohorny Ishikela for your chance to join in on the action!


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