Providence what ships would be best for rating

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I have tried to rat in provi with a vexor and prophecy and was not getting very good rates i wonder if vni is the best ship you can get for provi rating or if there is something better and is t1 and if starting training towards a carrier would be a good idea and what types of dmg i need to resist and deal in provi

Since Providence is sort of a neutral place it is also a place full of roaming gangs and solo PVP players looking for solo ratters, so go with something slippery but still enough DPS to get the job you do done, but cheap, because you will get blown up enough.

EM thermal to tank EM thermal to deal.Also you’ll get shot by players they do various types of dmg

Vexor Navy, maybe?

Vexor Navy is a good ratting ship in Provi. - Even tho I can fly everything short of Titans, I still VNI rat rather than go with something bigger. The risk-vs-reward ratio doesn’t warrant things like Carrier ratting unless you have mad fighter skills and a good exit plan and/or counter-drop strategy.

With good drone and ship skills you can reliably pull in 60m/hr (20m/tick) with a VNI, and they scale great with multiple accounts. I run 3-4 of them at a time without trouble.

Just remember to turn of the AB and align to a friendly structure the moment a red/neut enters system, and be ready to warp out as the drones come in. Don’t risk your ship to save a few drones.

P.S. If you’re not in a Provi alliance you may want to consider that. Access to intel, blue structures and other such resources makes everything so much easier.

The Vexor Navy Issue (VNI) is the workhorse of null-sec ratting. Fit with a battleship-sized afterburner, it moves fast enough that it doesn’t get hit by the rats very often. It brings good DPS to the table, all from drones, so you don’t have to micromanage combat. Skillwise, it’s easy to get into. As long as your cap stable with the 100MN AB running fulltime, you’re good to go.

An effective ratting VNI can be had fully fit for under 100M ISK and it’ll get you ticks that with decent to good skills will be between 15M and 20M. So you’ll earn back the cost of the ship within 2 hours of ratting.

Providence works a bit differently than most other null sec areas due to its NRDS policy. There will be more roaming gangs and more neutrals of unknown intention than you’d find in a quiet corner of space belonging to a large powerbloc. So keep your eyes open.

Just do not forget, that if you get 9/10 escalation you may want to have something like Leshak or at least polarized torp Rattlesnake to shoot the boss structure. Of cause if you want to get maximum out of it.

I’d grab a gnosis. They’re dirt cheap and versatile.

Too large and slow to sig tank rats, too weak DPS-wise to out-DPS them. And also does not have enough tank to just face-tank what heaven or sanctum can through at you. Vexor navy is a combination of DPS and sig tank, Rattlesnake or Nightmare is a combination of even higher DPS and normal tank. Sentry drone Dominix is a combination of range tank (100 km LMJD and still within optimal for sentry drones and large Tachyon guns) and instant damage (Vexor navy lose DPS due to drone flight time).

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