PSA - Eve Character Aesthetics

I did it everyone. I found the eve default character aesthetic. It’s all based on the Late 90s/Early 2000s industrial band, ORGY.

You’re welcome.

Well, better than the potato that inspired the original achura look.

I liked the original aesthetic. Wish EVE stayed grimdark.


What’s that mean?

Like, for example, Warhammer 40k.

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But what is it about 40k that makes it grimdark?

Warhammer 40k is the definition of grimdark.

You’ve said that. But what MAKES it grimdark?

You trying to go all postmodernist on me?

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No, I wouldn’t do that to anyone. Not even a ninja looter. What facet of 40k makes it grimdark? I don’t know the definition of grimdark, so just saying that 40k is doesn’t do it, it’s way too broad. Is it the colors(when I played in the 90s everything was bright colors though)? Does it have something to do with space? Orks? Guns? Is it something about the lore?


Ok, that explained it. Thanks.

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40k is super grimdark monty python.

So really, EvE before the character model change?

“Stop that! It’s silly.”

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OP, tell me.

How does it feel?
How should I feel?
Tell me how does it feel,
To treat me like you do?


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