{PublecEnemy} a Nullsec Based Corporation is recuiting (won't harm if you read)

PublicEnemy is a fertile soil for those who wants to plant seeds for future ambitious plans, general orientation now is going towards placing solid foundations for good managment and wise planning for long-term operations.

We are activily looking for Experinced and non-experinced pilots to join our ranks but only those who is determined and ambious enough to best fit in our long-term goals and willing to make a difference.

We are currently offering managment and leadership positions for those who is willing and capable of taking the lead and also membership for those who sees a potential within themselves.

↞what we offer↞
➤ a safe space based on Nullsec for Pve pilots.
➤ PVP ops.
➤SRP on Alliance ops.
➤Buy-Back program.
➤ Indirect- PVP.
➤Leadership positions.

↠What we expect from you↞
:heavy_check_mark:to be willing to share your precious knowledge (some of it at least).
:heavy_check_mark:to be NewBros-Friendly.
:heavy_check_mark:to find the joy doing it.

➤Determination (you really gotta know if EVE online is for you or not first)
➤Dedication (not nessecarly to be a full-timer you got a life we know that :slight_smile:)
➤Patience (getting bored means you haven’t spent enough time learning the game cause EVE online has a lot to offer).
➤Time managment (getting burnt out too quickly means you’re really going hard on yourslef, chill man)
➤willing to be part of a long-term ambitious plans that might take years to achieve.
➤To have fun.

If you believe in our cause, don’t hesitate to conact us,

Publick Channel: PublicEnemy[PENMY]

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