Publishing screenshot?

is it allowed to publish screenshots from Eve online made by myself? on that screenshoot are no privat messages visible, but ships, that are in local and the system and region is visible. is it allowed or not?
I am think about of public warfare agains some alliances, have a lot of campers and could give intel to every one and every one who want can fly and kill it…

Have you not ever seen the hundreds of thousands of screenshots and videos out there?
You’re absolutely allowed, they could not possible prevent you or harm you legally anyway.

Imagine that! It’d mean they’d going after their players for pictures and videos,
which is actually free marketing. The company would be dead within a week.

Don’t worry about it, unless you want to directly make money off of it.

In that case I’d suggest writing a ticket and asking support.

no money, just want erase Fraternity and friends

Have fun and tell us how it goes! :smiley:

there is already progress, but need way more who want drop pvp

Aren’t Fraternity these chinese RMTers?

yes… and there is the “banned” alliance “ISK” that still botting with their nyxes

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