Screenshot Without Account

Is there a place I can upload a screenshot for others to see without creating an account on the site? So for example, I can upload things to Facebook, but I don’t want to use a facebook account for that purpose. Several times when I got to a belt, they mentioned in local they’d be willing to invite me for boosts but they said something roughly along the lines of “give screenshot to prove you don’t use B crystals and I’ll send an invite” (there were 7 different pilots) and each time I had to make a screenshot, blot out certain parts of the screen, contact the Orca pilot out of game, and then show him the screenshot. I even told them Strip Miner Is don’t even use crystals, but 7 Orca pilots basically said I needed to prove it, get my own Orca, or I could just mine on my own.

Not really EVE related…but I’d just use like

I know I’m basically asking for a third party tool.

Does imgur require an account

No, otherwise I wouldn’t have suggested it :wink:


If you have a Steam account you can upload screenshots as artwork too so no need to run EVE from Steam to upload as a regular screenshot instead you can upload it as an artwork and even set if it is private, unlisted (direct link only) or available to all if I recall the options correctly.

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