PushX Elephant Race! May 27th at 18:00. Get your elephants ready!

This actually looks like a lot of fun! Good luck to the participants!

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Shoot me a mail in game.

Great fun, but shouldn’t it be titled Deathrace 2018?


Deathrace? What?? No, I can’t imagine ANY reason some freighters might DIE. Why would anyone do that? You’re silly. :wink:

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Well you can’t let the other guys beat you to the finish line now, can you? If they 'splode, you win.


It’s the perfect plan!

After viewing this race.
using a “known” cargo such as,
refundable entry fee 100,000 fuel blocks.
500,000 m3 aprox 2 billion loot.
‘may’ add greatly in motivating the partisipation.

may want to run a return race as stranding something akin to 10 million fuel blocks in the boondocks might not be wise.

Could involve the traders, builders, gankers and racers moor
1/4 trilion elephant run.

refundable entry fee 100,000 fuel blocks. or isk
the prize pool was generous the 3 hour window is fine.

people generaly don’t intercept frieghters less there cream filled.

Thanks for the show …

The PushX Elephant race was awesome! See the results: pushx.net/racesignup.php

Watch VoD: twitch.tv/videos/2662279…

Watch for @evenews24 article with race overview soon: evenews24.com


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