PushX Elephant Race! May 27th at 18:00. Get your elephants ready!

Race your elephants! PushX is hosting a freighter race across hisec. What’s the best way to get there? Will your friends be able to help you? Who will claim the grand prize?!

Watch the events live at https://www.twitch.tv/ccp streamed by Streamfleet.

Join the in game channel PushX Elephant Race
To race you must register at https://www.pushx.net/racesignup.php

DATE: May 27th, 2018 18:00 EVE TIME

No fee is required to participate. To participate you must register. See register information above.

Participants will receive a courier contract from Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant to Choonka X - Moon 6 - Imperial Armaments Factory. The courier contract will only fit into a freighter.

DO NOT accept the contract before 18.00 EVE time on May 27 2018, when the race starts. If you accept the courier contract ahead of time you will be disqualified!!

The first pilot to reach Choonka X - Moon 6 - Imperial Armaments Factory and complete the courier contract will win the race and receive our Grand prize. There are prizes for 2nd and 3rd place as well.

ALL CCP rules apply during this event.

Grand Prize (1st place)

  • 1500 PLEX
  • 7 billion ISK
  • Quafe Vexor Skin
  • 8x Brutix
  • 1x Charon
  • 5x Dramiel
  • 1x Fenrir
  • 3x Garmur
  • 2x Hurricane Fleet Issue
  • 1x Monitor
  • 1x Obelisk
  • 4x Orthrus
  • 1x Providence
  • 5x Stratios
  • 1x Typhoon Fleet Issue
  • 20x Wolf
  • 5x Worm

2nd Prize (2nd Place)

  • 1000 PLEX
  • 2 billion ISK
  • Quafe Vexor Skin

3rd Prize (3rd Place)

  • 500 PLEX
  • 1 billion ISK
  • Quafe Vexor Skin

**PLEX and skins will be provided directly to the winners by CCP


Good luck to anyone entering


I am looking forward to this


Where’s the Obelisk in the poster?

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And all the highsec gankers just got a new event to attend :slight_smile:

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You hear that? That’s the beautiful sound of factories building Catalysts.


what are the rules on corpmates webbing you, titan bridging, etc??

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No rules. Who gets to the finish first wins.


Registrations close on May 25th @ 18:00 EVE TIME! Sign up before the deadline!

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what if someone is ganked on the way,what about bumping machariels alla round

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Sounds like it will be a fun race then!

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yes but you would not complete the courier if you get ganked. what about bumping alts to make only 1 winner?

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Someone had better try to stop them then!

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why you cant get people in griffins to defend them,if you host event you shoulld get the security team. just anything to prevent cheating

There is no cheating. Whoever gets to finish first wins. Bumping, ganking, bridging, webbing, those are part of normal game play. Let the fun begin!


its still unfair. this way noone can win this race

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Titan Bridge or WH ftw.


Elephant in the room? :elephant: :slight_smile:

Can’t wait! :popcorn: :smiling_imp:


I’m pretty sure a lot of gankers will be waiting at crucial systems where bridging is possible and where Concord is slowest to respond.

The fastest route from Jita to Choonka will take the haulers through low-sec space. Even though the race is through high-sec, it is without a doubt that at least some of these haulers will be tempted to bridge through the low-sec system Kamela (0.4) that is literally just a stargate jump away from the finish line. So expect a lot of ships to converge on the Choonka side of the Kamela gate.

The safest route route will still have Niarja (0.5) which will likely present a problem for haulers. Then there is Jita itself where the initial ganking will likely take place.

Source: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/route/Jita:Choonka

Keep in mind that there is only a one-jump difference between the fastest route and the safest route.


Here is a link to the Jump Planner. The haulers will likely have to jump Aset before reaching Kamela.

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How do we UN-REGISTER? registered wrong…