PVE allrounder 61M (6.1M unallocated) Paladin driver

All Cruisers 5
Good gunnery and missile
Good mechanics and engineering/shield
No kill rights
No assets, positive wallet and standing. in NPC corp.

Josephine Lee Rays Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App
6.1M unallocated SP.
All CCP rules apply.
2 Remaps, set +5 implants,
High Grade Asklepian set in clone in Jita.

45b offer, split between extraction price and useful skills


Will keep it for a week and if noone interested, will accept 45b above



I accept your offer. Please send isk and account name.

If he falls through I will do 40. Evemail me

I wont go for 40 sorry. 45 min

Would you take a 45 BO?

Yes. Its 24h passed and I havent heard anything from Howitz so please send Isk and account name

yes. messaged in game also.

Isk and account info sent

transfer started. Thank you.

I do not have a mail from CCP confirming the transfer. Please post a screenshot when you are able?

my account is empty now…
53941933 9/19/2022 6:12:49 AM UTC PayPal Character Transfer €20.00 Paid

did the character came through?

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