PVE allrounder 52M (+paladin driver)

All Cruisers 5
Good gunnery and missile
Good mechanics and engineering/shield
no kill rights
No assets, positive wallet and standing. in NPC corp.

Josephine Lee Rays Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App
starting bid: 35B. Please dont post lower, I won’t consider them.
727k unallocated SP.
All CCP rules apply.

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35b bid

36В жду от вас письмо если вы согласны ответ письмом в игре

bump. bids noted.

Will sell to first to offer 40b :smiley:

I would do 37. Evemail me if you want to set it up as I am not planning on logging in tonight

Ставка 39Б это окончательно если готовы напишите письмо в игре. оплачиваете перевод персонажа вы?

Sale retracted. Please close.

Closed to polite request of Op.