21,548,416 sp amarr pvp / pve legion palladin and sub

hi iā€™m for sale no B/O price biggest offer what i aprove win
me Lady Sandra <---- click here :slight_smile:
skills for Palladin now lvl 3
large guns t2
few t2 ships can use
and legion :slight_smile:

toon have some skins

15bil here

15.5b offer.

i will wait on better offer

15.7 bil

im out

15.7 bil


16.1 bil


16.3 bil

Going on right direction :slight_smile:

you have a contact ingame to discuss ? or can u login?

16.5b final offer

im online

i will wait what offer Nickster and then i take decision :slight_smile:

16.6 bil

:slight_smile: pls wait 5h

2,5 h and the best offer win :slight_smile: 18:00 eve time we end this dil

Sisa_Amatin u win so make all proced to finishing deal