PvE/Indy Null Corp Recruiting

We are Etherium Beach and we rent a -0.6 system in BOT space. We are mainly made up of ratters and indy pilots that like to relax and have fun in the game and stay out of politics.

Most of us have flown together for years, and for us REAL LIFE COMES FIRST! This means no CTA’s and no requirements to play if you dont want to.

We offer :-

  • Fully rigged research Raitaru.
  • Fully rigged refinery for Asteroid, Moon rock. and Ice reprocessing.
  • Station in system for almost all of your docking needs etc.
  • Plans in future to anchor a Sotiyo for manufacturing.
  • Moon mining
  • Free skill books and mods
  • Free Command Centers for PI

We are looking to recruit anyone that wants to enjoy the game the way we do, to have a laugh on comms and not take things too seriously. We have no time for PvP but we do enjoy little get togethers now and again for gate camps and such. If you think that you will fit in with a bunch of loonies then come join us on comms for some fun, we specifically would love to hear from some AU tz folks. Currently, we are made up of players from all TZ’s, so corp is usually very active across all zones.

All we ask is that all isk making toons pay a small monthly fee to corp as rent, which is then used to pay bills to alliance and to invest in corp assets such as structures, services and fuel.

Check out corp info for our recruitment channel and come speak to us in game or send me a mail for more info :slight_smile:

ps, for a limited time only, Ringbit is offering some free reach arounds to new recruits, be quick before he gets too tired.

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