Etherium Beach - PvE rental corp

(Alby Sacah) #1

We are a RL (Real Life) first rental corp living in Malpais

The things we focus on:
:small_blue_diamond: Ratting
:small_orange_diamond: Mining
:small_blue_diamond: PI
:small_orange_diamond: Manufacturing
:small_blue_diamond: Having fun

The things we offer:
:small_blue_diamond: No mandatory events, no min playtime requirements
:small_orange_diamond: -0.62 system to play in
:small_blue_diamond: System upgraded for combat anoms and mining
:small_orange_diamond: Ice mining 4 jumps away
:small_blue_diamond: 0% corp tax
:small_orange_diamond: 0% POCO tax
:small_blue_diamond: 0% citadel service tax
:small_orange_diamond: Free PI skillbooks & command centres, plus advice to setup your PI empire
:small_blue_diamond: All your docking needs in system, or 1 jump away
:small_orange_diamond: Reasonable prices JF service

The things we ask for:
:small_orange_diamond: Toons older than 1yr
:small_blue_diamond: Respect your fellow coripes
:small_orange_diamond: Don’t take the game too seriously
:small_blue_diamond: When you are in game, have fun
:small_orange_diamond: Pay your rent on time (150mil/month/toon)
:small_blue_diamond: Full API with all your toons

Drop by the “Etherium Beach Party” channel in game to have a chat with us.

160m SP player, returning after 2 years
New (ish) player looking for Indy corp. EU TZ, 2 accounts
Looking for Corp to Join!
70mil SP Looking for a Fun and Easygoing Corp
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What goes bump in the night?

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The much feared Atron!

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Apparently that wasn’t a very funny joke, but I don’t mind, I just like atrons…

We’ve had some new members too, still room for more.

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Still plenty of room for new members, lots of moon rocks to shoot!

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Give me a bump for the weekend rush.

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Been a good start to the weekend, isk flowing.

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We’re still open for business!

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Main post updated

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Back open for business (-:

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Looking for new people to PvE with, still plenty of room.

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Bumpy bump bump

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Have a few new recruits, still openings.

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Just bump it up !

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Are you the pilot we’ve been looking for? Come find out…
(You probably aren’t, but welcome to join anyway)

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Ringbit loves to bump horses

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Agatha is the Ice queen

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Join our growing family, there is cake!

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Cakes a lie )-: