Etherium Beach - PvE rental corp

Daily bump

Bupmity bump

Looking for more people.

Andy bumps ringbit, ringbit bumps sacah, sacah bumps me and now we’ve all got the clap, question is, who was the source? Join up to find out the answer. Complementary penicillin shot with each application.

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How many people will it take to complete my human centipede into a full circle? The ultimate project in recycling! Apply to find out :slight_smile:

Don’t worry guys, alpha is purely a theoretical mad scientist, and we’re all clean of STDs… Well, maybe not ringbit, but just steer clear of him and you’ll be fine.

Still plenty of room

Still recruiting for more pilots

Are you ready to join and start making isk?

Looking for more

Bump for the weekend crowd!

Talk to us about joining before the weekend is over.

Come join the corp voted #NaN in all of Eve

Still recruiting Pilots.

Have a good weekend with a new null corp.

Are you tired of being at the top of your game? of making your enemies tremble at the sight of your ship warping towards them? Tired of watching your enemies burn under the relentless fire of your weapons? Then it sounds like your ready to join Etherium Beach, where the only thing burning, is ringbits urine! Etherium Beach, where “meh” is good enough :slight_smile:

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Mail sent, i dont see anyone in the channel.

I have soime experiencie en null, if i can purchase a Barge and a trasher i am happy.

Hi Jade,
We’ve been mailing in game, we’ll have an answer for you this weekend (-:

A couple of people have recently joined, still plenty of room.

Added a few new EU players, looking for all TZs.