PVE missions - from lvl 1 to lvl 4 security missions rules

I don’t Discord. It is a filthy habit.

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Among others, ours has the following channels:

  • #psychiatric-help-4-isk
  • #kruuls-pleasure-hub
  • #wholesale-mining-permits <<< so you can feel at home
  • #forum-lulz <<< our most active channel where hilarity ensues
  • #post-truth-politics <<< lulz 4 RL

Destiny is on there and she’s having a field day… join us!!!

First we had books and magazines, then web pages, now we have forums, people really think moving to Twitter and YouTube is progress? Bah.

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Stop being an old fart. Even 60 y/os Mike Azariah and @MB_ThePhotographer are more of a hipster than you are… WTF AM I EVEN SAYING EW GROSS :face_vomiting:

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I don’t know which hi-sec carebear brainwashed you, but I, as someone who lived in null a lot, can tell you, most corps are actually more fun to be in in Null. As there is more of a common goal to work towards together

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You can also have a lot of fun in Hi-Sec: the important bit is “are they are good corp full of good people with the same interests as you that you like being with?”

I’ve spent little time in Null, visited, wandered around, never lived there. It’s not really my cup of tea.
Living in hi-sec suits me, with odd trips out into wormhole space and null: I’ll fight in our wars. We have wars. Wars for political reasons, or to expand control in an area. And to swat down the usual pirate gate camping trash - same as null really. The usual “being a good Amarrian citizen” stuff.
War in security monitored space is different to null - less brute force, but equally savage.

If I have to smack some godless heathen in the face: I’ll fight.
I’ve done so in the past, I will in the future. But I’ll do it for my reasons.

The important thing is “do what you enjoy in the area you enjoy operating in”, Null is right for some people, and not for others. Likewise, hi-sec and low are right for others. Neither is Right or Wrong.
To say “you must move to Null”. There is no progression, no win or loose, no scoring. This is a sandbox.

That’s my opinion anyway.

@J_Poll, you are one of the good people. We must fly together sometime.

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Well, I do agree @Terak_Romaller, in the end, it’s the corp that makes or breaks it, not the little number in the top of the screen that indicates security status of a system.

And I do agree, only move to null-sec, if you want null-sec.
I was more pointing out his error that everybody in null-sec is just a bee for the hive queen (pun intended) and usually that “view of null-sec” is propaganda for high-sec peopel who never set foot in a system below 0.4.


Ok, ill take a stab at the wall. I am a fan of Hybrid Rail guns. 425’s to be exact. As some would have pointed out range and fallout are considerations here, thats where Hornet II’s come in, for when rats get under your guns. If your using faction ammo, that shouldn’t been often. My MTU is always playing catchup.

As for the lower level missions, My corpmates like the backup that my Rokh provides at they can do higher level missions while they increase their standings with the faction in question. As Eve is a social game, having a sniper Rokh on the field as your destroyer flies around shooting Frigates and Destroyer is better than doing Lvl 1 and 2 missions for weeks so you can finally do the missions on your own.

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