Level 4 Question

I’m starting to get into missioning more now, can Level 4’s be done in a VNI?

Considering that VNI can run Sanctums and Havens in null sec, it might be possible if you can kite properly. If you get pointed, webbed after taking an acceleration gate, you are dead meat, though.

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Possibly. I’ll try later with rogue drone harassment.

Some you can, others most likely not. In a Worlds Collide will you have lots of ships close together, which will not aggro your ship instantly, but if you try to kill stuff with drones will nearly every group try to kill the drones.

Other missions have strong neuting, which will shut down battleships when not being careful. They will shut your VNI down, too, and a lot faster.

Some have strong webbing and high initial damage, which again may quickly become a problem for a VNI to tank.

I’m sure it can be done in the end, but when you haven’t done L4s yet and want to go into them first thing with a VNI then you’re probably getting yourself into trouble.


Pretty much what he said. And there are a few with all 4 factions, and you’d need drones or ammo to take out each one. Drone aggro is pretty heavy in lev 4s.

Thanks for the rundown mate, any tips on what I should train into to run them comfortably?

If you’re into drone boats then get into a Dominix. There should be plenty of fittings for it.

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Most of the tech one battleships will do just fine in level 4 missions. However there are a few battleships that are not as good as the others:

  • The Scorpion is better suited for different tasks
  • The Megathron is not as good at pve at long ranges but a fine pvp boat
  • The Abaddon looks great on paper but has a huge problem with the capacitor
  • The Armageddon requires a lot of skills but the wait is worth it

That doesn’t mean you cannot use those ships, it just means the others make it easier for you.

I used to semi-afk ishtar a lot of missions, so I’d guess the VNI would work on most.

If you are in highsec I’d probably suggest the gila over the VNI. Gila is a bit more expensive, but will dunk on tackle frigs with the crazy bonused med drones plus RLML, and can fit enough tank to deal with some of the bad spawns. Also with the 500% HP bonus the medium drones can deal with a lot of the NPC aggro, plus meds will take aggro from less things than heavies.

As far as battleships go, hell I don’t know that I can even recommend a t1 bs over the gila. I tried to run some lv4s on my alpha character a while back and it was just slow and annoying. At least the gila has cruiser warp speed and it does a ton of damage for a cruiser. Maybe domi, or raven, but I’m not a huge fan of either. That said once you can get into a decently skilled Machariel I’d recommend that over any other BS. Great damage, projection, speed, agility, semi-selectable damage, it’s just all around great for missions. That’s if you are looking for active play, if you want more afk/passive then probably domi or rattlesnake.

Even in the Angel Extravaganza bonus room?

I finally got my skills up with my Raven I can run that 6th room without leaving or without help. Though it does cut close in the armor.

My advice, shoot those cruiser missile and sentry towers first. After that the room is a lot more manageable.


yes, its very possible, I do it quite a bit. but it has its limitations.

1st off, you will need a more advanced and expensive armor fit. The cheaper your fit, the less of the missions you’ll be able to do in it. Forget the cheapo shield fit or just plain T2 stuff. Although the total ship cost is still under 1 bil, so cheaper then a fairly decent battleship fit or even a good faction cruiser fit. IMHO the armor fit VNI is actually better then Ishtar because Ishtars bonusses are focused on heavies and sentries, whereas VNIs are for all drones. This actually makes it more flexible, it does not lose optimal effectiveness vs different target types, unlike the Ishtar.

2nd, if you do run L4s in a VNI you need to concentrate on doing them vs the faction towards which VNI has natural armor resistances. So avoid doing them vs explosive damage.

3rd, you will need high skills, mostly 5s, this has to include ship, weapons, drones, navigation, engineering, tank, all the related support such as drone tracking / optimal / falloff, same for guns, all capacitor related skills and of course powergrid / cpu so that you’ll be able to actually equip the fits.

My recommendation for you would be to run L2s and L3s in a VNI, and work your way up to a Gila. Train medium and heavy drones to 5. Forget light drones and sentries for now. You can very easily kill small targets using a drone tracking link computer with precision script + drone navigation computer + most medium drones. Only Hammerheads will miss cause they have lower tracking. The rest will hit. The heavies, you want to concentrate on Ogres.

Gila can run all L4s except epic arcs, and to do some stuff such as angel extravaganza bonus room, you will need an expensive fit, really expensive, which is just so much gank bait that I avoid it while I fly my Gilas.

Hope this helps you out a bit.

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