Is it possible for the Vexor Navy Issue to do level 4 missions

is it possible to make the ship’s speed tank level 4 missions?

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Possible? Yes, an oversized ab works.

Good idea? No.


It more or less goes T1 < Navy < T2 < Pirate < T3. The devs try to make them not exactly linear, especially when it comes to T2 (focus on specialization) and T3 (focus on customization.) But in general, you’re not going to do great in lvl 4’s in a T1 or Navy cruiser. With lvl 4’s the limit becomes the DPS you can put out, and without some good DPS it’s not really worth it. That said, I’ve done lvl 4’s in an Algos (T1 destroyer) fit with T2 weapons for good DPS, and it was so much fun. And doing lvl 4’s in a Talos (T1 battlecruiser) your T2 large blasters punch hard enough that they are your tank. I haven’t really flown a VNI, but the Ishtar and Gila both have a good reputation for being effective at what you’re trying to do.

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VNIs do L4s just fine, however, it is not optimal against any rat types that use explosive damage as their primary, in some cases even secondary type. So you will have to be selective in your missions. Also, not recommended in the cheapy shield fit VNI used for nullsec multibox botting, you will need to make an actual armor fit.

Something like this does quite nice:

100 MN AB, 3+ minutes of active tank is more then plenty to take out essential targets (either those that web/scram or ECM you or mission objective), good targeting range, tons of drone bonusses to drone travel time + tracking.

Once you are not webbed you can basically fly around with almost impunity with the super low sig + that 100 MN AB. Only have to hit your rep once in a while for single rotation. Hardener is reactive so it actually provides a bit better resists then whats on the screenshot. Has no trouble whatsoever killing any size / velocity targets in L4s, just switch to medium drones for frigs, anything cruiser size + you can do with heavies, 1 shot some of the weak cruisers or slower destroyers. Hell, you can even use your heavies on the frigs but they take 3+ volleys so it gets too slow.

Your high slots obviously drone range is good so keep that. rest you can fill with anything or leave empty, I like to stick some cap drain or a targeting comp for the +2 targets passive bonus, or sometimes even a remote armor rep for the drones so I don’t have to dock up to get them repaired when they get damaged. Or a couple autocannons for a bit of extra cap free DPS.

So I disagree with the guys above saying its not recommended, I will say its great just not vs every rat type for every mission. Its especially great if you are training drone skills / Gallente ships for Gila or Rattlesnake which are best for L4s. So you waste less time training stuff you don’t need.


thanks guys I’m going to try it out if everything blows up I’ll let you guys know if I die in a great ball of Fire


hey there

i think its possible but it depends very much on your skills for the vexor and drones
will not be an easy thing but its possible
you could look into the big brother of the VNI the Dominix
if you can use a micro jump drivs (mjd) then its easy
yes its costs isk and if you go to the Dominix Navy Issue it gets expensive

try the normal dominix its not too much isk and missions will be easy


Depends on your skills. With t1 guns and drones I have severe problems to kill many BS just because of the lack of DPS. My t1 fitted Talos is great fun for Lvl3 Missions, and it’s quick enough to chicken out. I still need some months to skill Large Blaster Specialization…

Not speed tank. Wardens. MWD out to 95 km or so, drop Warden IIs. When you start getting damage, pickup wardens and move, drop, repeat. That will do most lvl 4 missions. edit: not my first choice though. I’m still doing lvl 4s in BCs, waiting to train into a BS.

The problem per usual is people is not understanding something in EVE but having an opinion any way.

In some ways the VNI can work decently well for a specific form of PVE, ratting. It’s not ideal for it but it works and is relatively cheap and doesn’t require massive skills. Mind you it’s not GOOD at it but it’ll work.

This results in people stating that the VNI is really good, and then when someone asks “what ship should I use for …” the answer of many people who don’t really understand EVE but want to have an opinion anyway is… “VNI”. Regardless of what kind of activity the one asking the question will actually be doing, how many skill points he has and what he focused his skills on and what other options there are.

Not bashing the OP here, he’s just another victim of people telling people “x ship is awesome” without mentioning or understanding use, game mechanics or scenarios. So yes OP, the VNI CAN do it and if (for whatever reason) you would want to speed tank then it’ll work but it’s really really really REALLY horrible at it. You’re far better off flying a BS of your race&weapon system of choice assuming that it meshes well with the general faction of NPC you’ll be fighting.

Assuming you fly Gallente drone ships: get a Dominix with Sentries. It can actually tank stuff meaning you can stick around your sentries (because kiting wastes time). Here’s a low SP version one that is fitted to deal with gallente or caldari based NPC, to fight other factions switch out resists and drones. It has a MJD in case you need to gtfo or need to travel a large distance.

Would you have more skill points and can use T2 modules you can improve on this fit not just by swapping out to T2 but you’ll need less slots for tank meaning more slots for damage. This will work far better for lvl 4 missions than some VNI.

[Dominix, Domi - Basic LVL 4]

Large ‘Accommodation’ Vestment Reconstructer I
Prototype Armor Thermal Hardener I
Prototype Armor Thermal Hardener I
Prototype Armor Kinetic Hardener I
Prototype Armor Kinetic Hardener I
AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier
AE-K Compact Drone Damage Amplifier

100MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Large Micro Jump Drive
Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
Denny Enduring Omnidirectional Tracking Link, Optimal Range Script

Civilian Gatling Railgun
[Empty High slot]
Heavy Knave Scoped Energy Nosferatu
Small Tractor Beam I
Drone Link Augmentor I
Drone Link Augmentor I

Large Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Large Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Large Auxiliary Nano Pump I

Garde I x5
Warden I x5
Hammerhead I x5
Hobgoblin I x5

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Cygnus makes a good point. Just because the VNI is very common as a ratting ship, doesn’t mean it’s what you want for high sec (I am assuming) level fours.
I just finished ratting in Delve in a VNI. It turns okay ticks but you’ll do better running L4’s in high sec. The reason I use that instead of something better is because it’s cheap and I am at most a casual ratter, in null sec, doing anoms like Forsaken Hubs. So the VNI makes sense FOR ME. I don’t rely on ratting for big isk, I don’t care if I lose ten of them because they pay for themselves so easily.

Could it do L4’s? Yeah, I can simply speed tank the rats. But rather than run that speed fit, it’d be more efficient to bring something that can just absorb damage while dishing it back out. If you really want to fly the VNI, go for it, but there are much better options. The Domi is a solid option for the cost and will make you plenty of isk to buy something shiny later.

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