LVL 4's What to fly

Was thinking about a TC3 for LVL 4’s mainly the Tengu. But I’m really undecided should I go this Route or Go BS?

I like the Look of the Raven and also Love the rattle, Praxxis looks capable to.

any help would be much apreciated.

Most people use a Raven. The professionals use Typhoons.

You should try a special ship. Its name starts with barghes and ends with arghest.


To give you a quick run down I fly or have flown in lv4s drake, nighthawk, tengu (Hml, ham), gila, Ishtar, typhoon fleet issue (cruise and rhml), Eos, and recently experimenting with the Malstrom. So go ahead and ask away on any of those ships except the Maelstrom.

The tengu can do any mission you throw at it, but it’s not as good as it used to be. It’s a good ship but not exceptional in any real regard.

Praxis, I want to love it but due to the lack of CPU you can’t fit it to be as capable as it should be.

Raven and Typhoon are both capable missile boats and will serve you well.

Though my personal recommendation if you don’t go for the 2 above missile boats would be the Domi. It’s easy to skill into and make effective. The faction sentries are equivalent to t2 but with more EHP and you don’t get the added damage from the specialization skill. Being able to apply damage with sentries and drones is quite easily done too, especially with the drone tracking computers in the mids and swapping between optimal and tracking scripts as needed along with the drones. With missile boats the t2 high dps missiles make a huge difference.

Plus the drone skills will be used on almost every ship you pilot so your able to focus on them now instead of cross training between weapon systems. Galante BS is also used on the Mach and Rattlesnake which are among two of the best lv4 ships so you have a lot of skills you will potentially keep using.

Long version short: Tengu isn’t worth it over BS anymore in my opinion. Raven and Typhoon are good. I recommend a Domi for ease of training and future use of skills in pirate ships. Though truth be told none of them are a bad answer.


Thanks given me something to think about, I have fairly good drone skills so this maybe the way to go.


• Burns down stuff good.

• expensive ammo.

But if you want the absolute cheapest option for a battleship that is capable look at the;


Easily does most lvl 4’s with ease and when T-2 beams are fitted a great long range burner of NPC’s.

Easily fits 2 salvagers or tractors and a drone range mod.

slot layout

H 7
M 5
L 7

20% bonus to stasis webbing

100% bonus to turrets = 8

150 m3 drone bay with capability of launching 4 large drones.

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A Barghesarghest?

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Hi guys thanks for replies.

Head tilting slightly towards the Rattlesnake I just love the look of it plus majority of my skills in Drones anyway. Anyone link there fit?

Something like that cost about 1.5 bil fully fitted right? Roughly I mean :+1:

Hi mate, how does the Ishtar fair? I have good skills in Gallente and drones so maybe better for me with this.

One of the co-heads of USIA uses ishtar’s to blitz L3s, and the TFI rhml is comparable and cheaper for blitzing L4s than mach

RHML are also fun slow trains of death. Slowboat it towards the enemy with heavies and the RHML going full blast. It’s more fun than it should be, questionable on how effective it is. Fun never the less.

you are free to put it in pyfa or try it out. everything on that list for the TFI is 800M ISK

My general rule of thumb for a Level 4 mission is “A 1000 Battleship”. A balanced battleship where the repair rate plus the DPS is about 1000 can handle Level 4 missions reasonably easily.

600dps, and 300 EHP repair rate is fine. As is a battlecruiser or HAC if you can do something similar: though you won’t have the depth of defence to soak a bit of damage if it get a bit busy.

That sort of performance is fairly easily reached by most T1 Battleships if you have a reasonable skill level: you can fit a T2 tank and have good weapon skills (large something at level 4).

I’ve flown the Apocalypse (Beam Lasers), NApoc (Beams) Nightmare (Tachs - expensive!), Maelstrom (Large Artillery - watch the tracking), and Typhoon (Cruise - easy). All with MJDs. As you may have noticed I fight at range! They are all perfectly adequate ships. I’d expect the Gallente and Caldari equivalents are equally good ships.

Build something based on what you like and what you can fly. You may need to tweak it but you’ll learn more that way than by simply and blindly following someone else’s recommendation.

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Thats a nice troll with the leshak might as well take a kronos.

To the OP most Battleships can plow level 4 missions i would recommend the Typhoon/Raven/Rattlesnake/Mach/Barghest as the best over outside of a marauder now. The Raven/Rattle/Barg are kind of boring mostly just sit still blap everything hardly needing to move mini Marauders all most. The Typhoon/Mach you need to move around a lot mostly since why they have the tank there both best used to mostly speed tank.

Its going to come down to what weapon and tank you have the best skills for or want to train up.

How so, it is a great lvl 4 mission ship, people might default to “it’s a pvp ship” out of puritan belief, are there other better ships, yes, but it doesn’t seem like op is looking for the super duper expensive ship line, the Barghest is over a billion while the Leshak is half the price.

The typhoon and raven are good but don’t seem to have the staying power and drone abilities of a Leshak which he (OP), says his skill is good in.

The Leshak is not a good L4 ship the only thing it can do well in missions is tank like every other battleship.

The dps looks great on paper but that is all when you try to apply that dps in a mission its lackluster low hp rats and many frigs/cruisers mean you end up with fairly slow clear time’s.

If you think the Raven lacks staying power you just need to train better skills its been the mission running King for years and even now its still one of the best ships for it. The Typhoon tank is lackluster but is only a problem if you sit still trying to face tank it plays like a Mach you mostly use speed avoid most of the dps as you kill everything.

Barghest is costly but you get what you pay for you want a great missle based shield tank missions runner you take the Barghest or Golem.

Your opinion, I think it’s awesome, as far as the raven it’s good but to me not as tanky as the Leshak, the typhoon I thought was underwhelming myself.

I never had a big issue with speed as far as I feel with the Leshak and it one shot pops frigates with ease, like any battleship once it gets under the guns that is what drones are for.

Thanks all, anyone have any experience with a Nestor? I know it’s not ideal for missions but I do like drone boats and the look of it.

I know HAC got mentioned earlier but just worked up a brawly Ishtar with speed and 95% resists stable not sure if it’ll work but looks good in theory.

Here is the issue : we rely on fats, not feelings.

I’m not saying the leshak is bad (I don’t know). I’m saying, you were given arguments and completely ignored them, therefore acknowledging them and claiming that the leshak is bad but for personal reason you still stick to it.

Right, that’s called having your opinion, it’s not to say I’m right or wrong it is through my experiences with lvl 4 missions I conclude this.

Not bad, ammo is expensive for people starting out, at an average cost between 1,500 to 2,000 a shot it is not the most economical or optimal for someone starting out, the Bhaalgorn, T-1 ammo once purchased, zero cost, a BPC for Bhaalgorn, cheap, and still cheaper than most regular T-1 line up.

Raven and Typhoon, depending on fit cost varies, but the cheapest option in my opinion is the Bhaalgorn while still providing them with drones, drones, and more drones.