PvP Alliance Seeks Mining/Indy Partnership

Okay, so I’m a broker for a pvp alliance that has various industry/mining assets deployed in both lowsec and null space. This particular group has secured, and maintains the assets, but needs help harvesting said assets. Frankly, there are enough of these particular assets to keep an entire mining/indy corp busy practically fulltime.

This alliance is willing to come to some sort of financial arrangement with a corporation of competent, English-speaking pilots that can harvest the bulk of said assets. Additionally, the alliance can offer built-in purchasing of harvested materials as well as hauling services.

What they are looking for in this arrangement is:

  • a corporation of 10+ individuals, not including alts
  • English as first language (or really damn good communication skills in English)
  • Self-reliant (mining outside of highsec is dangerous and requires people who understand the risk and mitigate/manage it themselves)

If you’re in a leadership position in a group that meets these three requirements, we can begin a negotiation to hash out details and see if it works for both parties.

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