PvP Corporation Cruisers Crew is Now Recruiting!

Hello fellow pirates,

Cruisers Crew the low sec PvP focused corporation is recruiting ACTIVE pilots to come and join us on our mission to conquer low sec PvP!! We are looking for capital pilots (supers and dreads) as well as sub cap pilots that are ready and willing to undock and fight! We don’t shy away from too many fights and with more active pilots we can push for bigger and better content!

We have lots of knowledgeable and skilled pilots within our ranks who enjoy roaming low sec to search for content. There are daily small gang fleets roaming around as well as strat ops. We run BLOPS fleets quite regularly and are known to play with our big toys from time to time :smiley:.

If you are interested in joining Cruisers Crew please send a message in game to Rex Azzholes. I will respond as soon as I am available.

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