PvP entity looking to grow

USTZ corp in PvP alliance looking to grow membership base;
What we require:
-5mil sp (if your close we can still talk)
-Ability to take orders and enjoy the knowledge that we are not always going to win

What we offer

  • PvP contracts and war
  • HS isk grinding during downtimes with helpful players and access to nearly all corps in New Eden
  • Small Gang warfare
  • Asset removal

Join BaB Pub ingame or our discord to Ask questions

If you guys get tired of high sec games, we are one of the few non bloc, non blue donut null sec alliances left in eve.

We live in Vale and do small to medium gang pvp.

Cool we can chat tomorrow, were looking for fun in many forms.

https://discord.gg/tUFcpU ask for Talon Shryne or Vorengard.

looking bros that make holes

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