(PVP-Indy-PVE) C3 WH Recruiting PVP Players Free PVP Ships

The Black Pink is a WH PVP Corporation based in C3 WH . We are a focused on PVP and PVE, We have access to great space for ratting and Mining.

Throw off your shackles and free yourselves from the tyranny of Empire and the oppression of nullsec. “Lost in Space” high-sec pilot, The Black Pink needs you now!

We are currently working toward providing more PVP content to our members - with regular small-gang frigate/destroyer/cruiser roams, we are looking for like-minded PVP pilots to join us!

All players are welcome, Alpha, Omega, New, Old, Returning, the person is more important than the SP.

What we Offer:

We offer a fun & social way to join in the various wormhole activities including:

  • ratting and exploration in connected wormholes
  • Organised gas/ore/ice mining
  • Good support for various industry
  • Roaming fun and social PvP fleets
  • Free PVP ships(for home defence)
  • Buyback program for most materials - ore, ice, PI, and more!
  • Multinational corporation ( you don’t have to speak perfect english )
  • No War ( we are not war eligible )
  • Planets to do planetary interaction
  • Gas Huffing
  • NullSec/C3 ratting
  • WH based (construction, refining, and reaction facilities) future project
  • 0% Tax Corporation
  • Low tax on pocos
  • Easy income from C3
  • Skill plan
  • Friendly and mature environment
  • We Use Pathfinder Wormhole Map

What we need from you :

*A WiLLingness to Scan
*Full ESI of all characters
*Positive, constructive and friendly attitude
*No, previous wormhole experience required, there’s plenty of help to get settled.
Commitment to help on defence base

We use Discord for game chatting and for fleet is a must

You can make Millions ISK/h in our C3

Feel free to ask any questions contact directly MOSSELTOF in game or In our Recruitement Channel TBP Publics Or one of Recruiter Officer in Discord

** Join us on our Discord, The Black Pink - find people to play other games with, listen to music together, share pictures of your delicious foods, or just chat.**

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